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Woman Sings Lullaby And Puts To Sleep An Adorable Baby Elephant

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Woman Sings Lullaby And Puts To Sleep An Adorable Baby Elephant

Let puts Faa Mai to sleep: Watch this Elephant Go To Sleep in a blink of an eye!

Bonding with animals can go a long way. It can grow stronger you can think and if you put your heart to it, you can bond with any animal for which you have a passion. Consider Lek, the lady in the video who puts one of the largest mammals to sleep by merely singing a lullaby!

How adorable does that sound? It sure is and while you watch the video, you can totally sense that bond they share.

It seems like Lek has a thing for elephants, considering how there are bunch of others as well. Moreover, she has named each of them, for instance, this one is called Faa Mai! Isn’t it cute how she has named the elephants and the fact that she shares such a special connection with them that she knows which one is which? At times, it is hard to establish such human bonds but connecting with animals seems easy – just another example of how the innocent beings have feelings and emotions.

An elephant is a huge animal and it can be very difficult to take care of one. However, it seems like Lek has all under control. As soon as the video starts, you can witness how she is singing lullaby to Faa Mai. It is incredible to see a gigantic mammal succumbing to her sweet lullaby and curling up. In a matter of seconds, you can hear Faa Mai snoring – what, asleep already? Did you ever think you could make an elephant sleep by merely singing lullaby to them!

Just as much as we wish we could understand what exactly the lullaby meant, it seems hard to track the origin of Lek and hence, harder to know what language the lullaby us in.

However, in the bigger picture, Lek and Faa Mai share a beautiful bond and seeing this lovely baby elephant being put to sleep with a lovely song is heartwarming!

Thanks to Save Elephant Foundation for this amazing video! Please make sure to Donate to this foundation!

Lullaby to Faa Mai

There's no denying the strong bond between Lek and Faa Mai. Watch and listen to Lek's lullaby to a snoring Faa Mai.

Posted by Save Elephant Foundation on Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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