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A Guy Stepped On Stage And Made Everyone Laugh With His Unexpected Performance

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A Guy Stepped On Stage And Made Everyone Laugh With His Unexpected Performance

You know how talent shows can be a platform for laughter and amusement? In fact, most of the auditions and performances are more hilarious then they are sombre. One such performance was exhibited by Micky on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent this year.

Micky comes in all ready, performer face on and guitar hung around the body. It appears as if he will be singing a deep, emotional song while playing the guitar. But a few moments into the performance, and voila, Micky is here to entertain through comedy and not the expected singing – not that he didn’t sing, he did! The first song, or should it be said two rhyming lines were supposedly about his trip around Europe. Looks like he had to cut his trip short as soon as he landed in Paris in the Yaris!

Anyways, coming to the actual humorous part of his performance – the remorse we feel when we lost that “bag for life” we bought a while back while grocery shopping from the supermarket!

Now, who thought someone could make such a relatable song out of the common experience most of us encounter. That is actually real talent, Micky, really good work there! We all know what trouble it can be carrying heavy, regular plastic bags from the store to the car and then from the car to the home – they are slack! The handle strap snaps too – Yes, we all have been there!

Call it talent or not, Micky did manage to put wide smiles on the faces of everyone in the hall. In fact, if you watched the full video, you might have noticed your lips going wide too! He managed to pull off a fairly enjoyable performance and he deserves the credit!

A huge round of applause for you, Micky!

Thanks to Britain’s Got Talent for this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on YouTube Channel and Facebook Page!


Micky P Kerr brought the LOLz (and a bit of confusion) to the Judges in his Audition… what could you bring to yours?! 😂💃🕺🎊Apply now for 2019!

Posted by Britain's Got Talent on Friday, 3 August 2018

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