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He Set Up Camera To Record His Dance — Now 47Million People Love Him Because Of It

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He Set Up Camera To Record His Dance — Now 47Million People Love Him Because Of It

A Youtuber is taking the internet by storm with his incredible dance moves. Sven Otten is going under the channel called JustSomeMotion. Judging by his leg moves he is one incredible dancer.

Sven was building his dance skills over the years. It was all countless hours of dancing and practicing, but we can never get enough of something we know we are born to do, right? He learned most of his fancy footwork and upbeat movement style watching YouTube tutorials.

He finally mastered his artwork and spread his skills with the world.

The black and white video below portrays the perfect skills he shows on set (at his room).

It is a combination of traditional and modern style blended together, and it is something I’ve never seen before.

According to Martapr, after becoming viral, he did his first publicity campaign in Germany. His Youtube success encouraged him to participate in a talent show in Germany, making it to the semifinals. He became popular in Germany, and now he is having a great success in Italy, where everybody knows him as “il ballerino de la TIM”, as he is the ambassador of the brand.

He has just launched in Brazil, as ambassador of Telecom Brasil, also with a great welcoming and he is also shaking the US!

His unique dance style and fast feet-moves are being imitated all over the world. That’s why he created his Dance-Academy in his youtube channel, so everybody can learn his style.

This moves will never get old. You will be truly mesmerized by his footwork and unique style. After watching this, it’s no strange how he got 47.5 Million views!

Let’s dance!

Make sure to follow this guy on his YouTube Channel and Facebook Page!

Watch the video below:

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