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The German Shepard Is Asleep On The Back Seat But Then Her Favourite Song Comes On

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The German Shepard Is Asleep On The Back Seat But Then Her Favourite Song Comes On

Dogs like music, too, but the type of music makes all the difference!

In the study, shelter dogs were found to be more relaxed and quiet when they were listening to classical music. The dogs didn’t seem particularly interested in pop music or radio shows but exhibited more barking when heavy metal was playing.

In fact, music is most commonly used as a tool to help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety issues when you leave them with a sitter. It also helps with anxiety caused by outside noises and other forces, such as thunder, construction and fireworks.

“Studies show that classical music has a calming effect on most dogs and heavy metal elicits stress-related behaviors,” says Brad Waggoner, a certified professional dog trainer at Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina.

The video below might be the best and funniest dog video I have watched in a while

We’re all rockstars in the shower. While we sing our favorite songs with terrible voice (if you are me) we usually solve the mysteries of life in our head. Shower singing is a lot more than just a terrible performance under water!

While shower is mostly a solo performance, car is the most common place for duets, but not everybody have such a wonderful singing partner as Annie!

Annie made a hilarious duet with her incredible dog Lola on a road trip together when “We Are the Champions” came on the radio.

At first, you can see that Lola is not interested in singing along with her keeper, but when the song reached it’s peak, Lola couldn’t keep her voice and went all in!

This video went viral for all the right reasons!

Thanks to Lola and Annie for this incredible video!

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