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These Qualities Make Any Woman Essentially Irresistible, According To Men


These Qualities Make Any Woman Essentially Irresistible, According To Men

Though it sounds and is quite detestable to set a woman’s standards based on how men would expect them to be like, the sad reality is that we do confirm, in some or the other way, to the structured norms of being attractive and charming before men.

Some of these might consist of long, voluminous hair, or a well-figured body. But do you really think that beauty or attractiveness is confined to these externalities only?

Such perceptions of beauty relate to the skin-deep surface details only. Look beyond it, perceiving what is beneath that skin tone is more important. Physical beauty acts for about 30% of the charm, while the rest is gained by your attributes.  

Ensure what your idea is about attractiveness.

Keeping the dilemmas aside, here are a few exceptional features that men find highly attractive. This, remember has nothing to do with your natural external appearance. These are the tips to gain self-respect and confidence in the face of a biased world:


Being passionate about life, or simply the little things you encounter in life, is pretty important, for that builds up your sense of perception towards the world. Showing enthusiasm in doing the things you generally love is a sure sign of being passionate. However, not flinching back while taking up unknown ventures also enhances your passion. 

Participate in the activities that come your way – being laid back is too mainstream. Lethargy and a laid back attitude towards life tends to make you rather boring. Being alive is what life expects from one.

The basic thing, to begin with, is to be enthusiastic enough to actually speak up when you have a view to express. Now, that never means over-expressing yourself to end up looking like a fool, but do not be dull and dead in your answers and show some life.

Pursuing things that excite you in life, things that you are passionate about, things that become irresistible to you are more attractive than anything else!


Every individual has some amount of playful and childish attribute hidden inside them, despite how strong and mature they might seem to be. Though such a playful behavior fades away gradually, exploring it at times means no harm.

Pressure of life surely makes one leave that part of life hidden in some corner, but what’s attractive is when you still try to hold on to those little strands of happiness, despite being overburdened with the responsibilities of life. 

Well, of course, the important thing here is having the luxury to actually exert such playfulness, which all people do not possess naturally. However, try not to make your routine so extremely stringent that your life almost seems lifeless.

For couples, finding this little time of being playful is very important. If you cannot make time out of your daily schedule, at least try to make your everyday time that you spend together more enjoyable.

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Life in this era is filled with desolation and the impending troubles of gloom and loss. People have become extremely polarized and have somewhere forgotten the life in between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow. In such a time of helplessness, one needs to keep up the positive attitude towards life, least of all being the very sense of appreciation towards the little things of life. 

Trying to be positive in the face of odds is difficult but not unachievable. Being positive on a bright day is easy, it is only when things have gone against you that the true essence of a positive mind becomes necessary. 

Here were the three key elements that a man finds essentially attractive in a woman. Possessing these qualities will not just make you good enough for your partner, but also act as something to build your persona upon.

3 Things Men Find Beautiful in a Woman by Mathew Boggs:

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