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11 Things Every Man Secretly Wants To Hear From His Woman


11 Things Every Man Secretly Wants To Hear From His Woman

Society can be stifling, sometimes in the way that it conditions us to think that we need to fall into these roles according to our gender.

Men have to act tough and save the world while women need to be soft and gentle, and always in need of saving. Women are supposed to take care of the house and the children while men are expected to go out and work so as to provide for their family. Women are supposed to be emotional and always looking for displays of affection, whereas men are supposed to be stoic and aren’t expected to demonstrate their feelings. Women are supposed to be ruled by their feelings, whereas men go with practicality and rational thought. 

Fortunately, as the years pass, our thinking has blurred and more and more people are beginning to acknowledge that all genders are human at the end of the day and the line dividing these roles has become blurry to the point where it is barely there.

The things men expect from their partners have changed. Below are some of the things that a progressive man in today’s society would like to hear from his partner:

1. Your Appreciation For Him

Ideally, the two people in a relationship should do their best to be supportive towards each other. If your boyfriend is helpful and supportive, he’d really like it if you would acknowledge his assistance. Let him know that you understand his work and he’ll have a greater sense of his own value. 

2. Your Understanding

Life can get hard at times and, whenever your boyfriend is feeling low because of something not working out, don’t criticize him or lecture him on his mistakes. Be empathetic and let him know that you understand why he’s worried. Be there when he wants to talk and try to help him in any way you can. 

3. His Own Space

All of us enjoy solitude sometimes. It doesn’t mean anything if one partner just wants some time for themselves because of that. Needing time to sort out one’s own mind is a very human craving because there are some issues that are just too complicated to work out around others. Let him take his time and space when he needs it. 

4. I’m Sorry

Messing up is natural enough and no one can do the right thing always. Sometimes, we lash out and hurt people when we don’t want to. When you’re in the wrong, offer a genuine apology and he’ll do the same in return. 

5. Good Work!

From cleaning up the house and doing chores to moving up in his career, your partner likes it when you pay him a well-deserved compliment. No matter how old someone is, they’ll always want to hear others acknowledge their successes. Don’t forget to tell him that you’re proud of him. 

6. Compliment His Looks

Even if he acts like he doesn’t care at all about his looks, he will still want to know that you are attracted to him. Letting him know that he’s sexy and hot will also encourage him to put more of an effort to be that way. 

7. Hang Out With Your Gang

This is something he’d especially love to hear. While you’re an important part of his life, you can’t take over the role of all of his closest friends. There will be times when he needs to take time off and unwind with them, more so if you’re busy yourself. 

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8. Gratitude

Never hesitate to say thank you, even for the small things. He’ll see that you’re acknowledging the effort he puts in and your appreciation for him will increase his appreciation for you. 

9. Talk To Me About Your Goals

Men like to plan out their lives more often than not. Their goals and passions are very important to them and they’ll really appreciate it if you take the time to listen to them talk about their dreams. 

10. You Are Needed

If you say this to him, it will practically light him up. People like it when their loved ones need them. Knowing that you value and need his encouragement, support, and humor will make him feel happy and loved. 

11. That You Have Faith In Him

By telling him this, you’re letting him know that he is making the right choices, that his strategies for life are working, and that he has the ability to make his dreams come true. Your thoughts really matter to him and it is essential that you tell him these things.

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