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The Saddest And Most Beautiful Story About Marriage You Will Ever Read


The Saddest And Most Beautiful Story About Marriage You Will Ever Read

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Once there was a man. One night, he came home and settled down. His wife was greeting him the usual way but something was up with him.

That night he asked his wife for a divorce. He wanted to get separated. Contradictory to the man’s expectations, his wife was rather calm. She peacefully asked her husband for the reason for the split. When her husband didn’t answer and chose not to disclose the justification he was very well aware of, she grew restless and agitated.

This man had fallen in love with another woman named Jane. He didn’t love his wife the same way – all he felt, for now, was pity.

That night, they both slept dismayed. They didn’t talk to each other.

Later, out of sympathy for his wife, he wrote a part of his material possessions to his wife for the divorce: she kept her house, the car, and the 30% of the company’s share. Shaken up and disturbed, she tore the settlement papers to pieces and cried. She denied accepting any such reimbursement. At this point, her husband’s empathy grew weaker and he was more than adamant to have their marriage annulled. It also made him realize that he loves Jane more than he ever loved his wife.

The subsequent day, his wife put forward her only condition for the divorce: within the one month-time between now and the day their divorce gets official, she wanted the both of them to struggle to live a life as normal as possible. She said she didn’t want their son’s grades to get affected by their split. Plus, she added that she wants him to carry her in her arms out of their bedroom to the front door every morning before leaving for work and when his son is watching them. Even though it all sounded bizarre, he agreed anyway.

It was the day after they reached a mutual agreement and the man did as the wife asked. They both looked clumsy but their son was glad to see his dad carry his mum in his arms again. Later, he went for work and from there, to Jane. After he told Jane what his wife has asked, she laughed mockingly saying the divorce will happen either way.

The second day dawned. It was much easier for them to start the routine and the man was able to look at her face. He noticed her wrinkles, realizing she wasn’t young anymore. It then occurred to him that he too was responsible for all the stress she underwent.

Then came the fourth day. The husband felt the intimacy returning. Recall the night he asked for a divorce. There had been no physical contact between the two except for him carrying her in his arms.

It was the sixth day and the man felt the closeness again. It was getting easier for him to carry her but he didn’t say a word to her.

Time passed and it became weeks. One day, as his wife got dressed, he noticed how weak she has gotten. His conscience kicked in and he remembered the sufferings he caused her. Even though it hurt him to see her this way, he was sure about the divorce.

One day, when he put his arms around her to carry her, he held her tightly, just like he did on their wedding.

Then came the last day of their agreement and he couldn’t take a step. That’s when he told her wife how their life lacked intimacy. It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other. It’s just that they didn’t value the details of their lives.

That day, after he carried his wife, he rushed to Jane and disclosed how he didn’t want to get the divorce anymore. He told her he wanted to stay with her and it took Jane by surprise. She slapped him hard and slammed the door in his face.

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On his way back to his wife, he got a bouquet of flowers for her with a card which read “I will carry you out every morning till death do us apart.” He was excited. He was nervous. He was feeling a lot all in one moment. He found his wife on their bed.

All this time he was busy having fun with Jane, his wife was suffering. Every moment he spent with Jane, his wife’s condition worsened. She had been fighting cancer for months. Alone. She was well aware of the fact that her life was short and didn’t want the divorce to negatively affect his son – hence, the reason for her only condition. She wanted her son to see his dad as the loving, caring husband he once was. She didn’t want to set a bad example for her son.

Very often it happens that couples lose their charm, their spark. Things start going down the road. We need to understand that money, job, high social status doesn’t mean anything if we don’t have someone valuable to share it with. Every couple faces problems but what matters is how you solve them together.

This story was so deep and beautiful, we made a video about it. Please take a look at the video bellow and share it with your Friends and Family!

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