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10 Things Every Wife Secretly Hates About Her Husband


10 Things Every Wife Secretly Hates About Her Husband

“You should have known I wanted it. We have been together long enough for you to know what I want without me having to ask for it. You know me well enough to understand my wants even if I don’t ask you specifically.”

How many times have you said something of the sort to your significant other? Or how often have you heard someone say it to their male counterpart?

It is not a secret that women want their men to do things for them without having to ask. But men being men, find it really hard to figure it all out.

So, it’s for all these men out there: here are the 10 your woman secretly hates about you.

1. Not celebrating her accomplishments

The world and its people are getting busier by the minute. Nobody has time to sit together and share a good laugh, let alone rejoice each other’s successes. But she wants you to be the part of her littlest triumphs, to celebrate her minutest of achievements.

2. Not protecting her

It goes without saying that she needs you to protect her from the physical dangers as well as her mental insecurities. Everyone has their demons and she wants you to face them with her. She wants you to look her in the eye and tell her you will keep her safe, from others and from herself. Put your shoulder around her affirmingly.

3. Not giving her attention

The world is already too much for her to handle. She faces twice the prejudice and amidst all these dismissals, she seeks your attention, kindness and thoughtfulness. She yearns for you to turn your focus to her and respond to her desires.

4. Not truly communicating with her

It’s just not about her. It may be about you. She might have something important to say which will contribute to your betterment. Talk and listen actively. Exchange words and make an effort to understand each other better.

5. Not helping her

There might be something troubling her but she might be hesitant to share with you. Lend an ear and help her out. Offer your assistance even when she doesn’t ask for it. Help her clean the house, do the dishes and fold the laundry. Give her a sound advice when she seems troubled regarding a certain matter.

6. Not giving her space and break

Women have to put twice the effort to come at par with the society’s standards. It’s too draining. Doesn’t it sound fair and natural she wants a break from the exhausting routine? Understand her circumstances.

7. Not initiating things

Women will often be reluctant to take the first step because they know a little shortcoming and everything will fall apart. Save them the trouble and take the first step.

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8. Not being there for her

You don’t have to talk to her. You just have to be there for her, be present in her company and lend your shoulder. All she needs from you is to embrace her and be physically present for her. That’s more than affirming.

9. Not being ‘her’ person

Be the kind of person who is kind and compassionate to her, someone who doesn’t judge her, someone different from the usual kind she meets at the office, in the subway and everywhere else. Be “her person”.

10. Not accepting her for what she is

The world has already set a rule-book for her, telling her what to wear, what to say, how to sit and whatnot. She doesn’t need you to tell her what others are already telling her. She wants you to accept her just the way she is, with all her perfect imperfections.

For the men, how many of these desires have you been successful in fulfilling? How many times have you figured out what she wants without her having to say it?

For the women, if your partner does all or some of it without you telling them that they need to, hold onto them! Keep them close and appreciate them.

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