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If Your Partner Shows These 6 Signs, He Is Truly In Love With You


If Your Partner Shows These 6 Signs, He Is Truly In Love With You

Hmm, so, you have just started a new relationship? It all feels magical and a little too unbelievable? Everything seems new and you just feel amazing? Well, the start of an epic relationship often feels the same way. But with all these exciting feelings comes a little uncertainty.

Now, you have just got together with this person and you are beginning to know them. It might be a guessing game if you have to name it.

You aren’t sure how to react to certain remarks or you don’t know what to say sometimes or you’re just wondering how vulnerable to be. You are trying to find out what your partner feels for you. You are looking to find answers to those future-oriented questions about your newfound relationship but you aren’t certain how.

Well, we have brought together 6 indicators which very well imply that your partner is in for a long-term commitment. Look out for them!

1. Their plans will always be for two

It goes without saying that, when someone is genuinely interested in dating you, they will always include you in their plans. Their life wouldn’t be just about themselves because they cherish you and they want you to be a part of their life. They ensure you have a prominent place in their schedule. It is one thing to assert yourself to make your place in someone’s life but it is definitely true if they give you this place without any assertion.

2. They are their true selves

You know how you don’t have to act when you get comfortable with someone? Like when we are with our friends or our family, we are ourselves? When you are in a serious relationship with someone, they will be the same. They wouldn’t feel the need to pretend to be something they aren’t. They will be honest with you about who they are. It is powerfully attractive when your partner is comfortable in their own skin and it indicates just how into you they are.

3. They make an effort to look better with you

Of course, your partner should appreciate you just the way you are. But when you genuinely want the relationship to work, you take time to groom yourself or make yourself look better for when you two are together. You take the time to work on yourself. It matters to you that you look compatible with this person. If your partner isn’t making any such efforts, be warned. This alliance might not last even as long as you would hope. They will automatically want to spend time on themselves for your sake if they see a long-term future with you.

4. They are honest about their feelings

It isn’t easy opening up – irrespective of what sex you are. Being honest about one’s feelings takes courage and bravery. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, if your partner expresses their true feelings, be sure they are genuinely in it with you. If they are opening up to you, it means they trust you. Opening up exposes your vulnerability to the other person and it is the start of something serious. Treasure your partner if they are unwinding themselves at the beginning of your relationship.

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5. You become their priority

Has it ever happened to you that you had to ask him time and time again to take out time for you? Especially when you two have just begun to date? Well, if it is serious, they will put aside others and put you first. Beginnings of relationships are exhilarating! You want to spend more and more time with this person. It’s just enchanting and powerful! So, if your partner is cancelling their prior plans just to be with you, be certain it’s serious.

6. They find your oddity commendable

Each of us has silly accidents. We all have quirks and, many a time, our friends and family use these against us to make fun of us. Obviously, we all take it on a light note. On the contrary, when you are in a relationship with someone who’s deep into it, they will see these eccentricities as your missing piece. For them, your peculiarity will be a part of your essence – something which makes you you…. It really is magical! How someone new to your life embraces you with all your faults in all their glory? That’s a genuine, endearing relationship for you!

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