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10 Phrases Women Commonly Use when They’re Lying


10 Phrases Women Commonly Use when They’re Lying

It’s so difficult to keep up with the demands of a relationship all the time. It requires time, dedication, and, of course, love for the romance to be forever alive. And while we’re trying to balance a relationship along with other concerns, there may be times when we slip in a lie or two to handle the situation.

It’s not as if these are toxic and malignant lies but simply situational lies to avoid being in the spot. We all have done it at some point or the other. And there are a few relationships in which some people lie more frequently than others.

It’s nothing serious, just a fabrication of some details. But yes, it isn’t the whole truth.

If you do not wish to be trapped in this web of lies then maybe you can educate yourself with what can come your way. Once again, do remember that if your woman has told you these lies then it doesn’t necessarily imply that she doesn’t love you. It could be that she’s simply avoiding any trouble at the moment and will come around later.

So read this article to simply observe and reflect on what the usual lies told are and what the underlying truth could be.

1. “I’m slightly caught up at the moment”

Yes, we all do get busy sometimes. But if this is happening too frequently, then it may be a sign that she doesn’t want to make time for you. She’s clearly unable to reject you outrightly but she’s telling you that you must invest your time elsewhere.

2. “I’m exhausted right now”

It’s been a really long day for you and the only thing that you want to do is snuggle up to her. But she pushes you away and says she’s not up for it tonight. It’s true, maybe she’s not in the mood for that, but are we sure it’s only for tonight? 

3. “There were no texts from you”

If you’re the kind of man who shows aggression, then women will avoid conversations by pretending to have never received your text. It’s impossible that none of your texts reach her. Don’t you see it yet?

4. “My cramps are back”

A man cannot know the female anatomy and nor should he try to because it can be very confusing. Women use this confusion to their benefit to excuse themselves whenever and however they like it. Men dare not protest.  

5. “My PMS is the reason for my mood swings”

There are times when a girl will attack her partner with strange and unpredictable behavior. Hormones are the best get-away defense in situations like this. Unjustified rage is clearly not an excuse but, well, it’s sometimes used to ace an easy combat.  

6. “My nail paint is fresh”

Why not use fashion as an excuse to avoid answering the phone or the door? So what if the nails got dry long back, one can use that as an excuse to sit back and relax sometimes. 

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7. “I really need to be with my best friend right now”

When it’s the best friend’s call, then it means that you’re not needed anywhere around. It’s going to be an all-girls night out. Of course her friend is going through a rough time and of course she needs to be with her at the moment. Just don’t ‘but’ any of that.

8. “I’m at a very crucial point in my career”

Career is always more important you see and, if she’s using this as a means to get away from you, then you should know that it’s a polite rejection. Soon, you’ll see her with someone else. The career will still go on the way it was going on so far.

9. “We both want different things from our life”

Perhaps, she found out a bit late that she’s not interested in you and she also doesn’t want you to feel bad about it. Using life goals is a gentle way that she’s adopted to call off the relationship.

10. “I can’t make a commitment right now”

She’s ready to get into a relationship, just not with you.

Be careful of these excuses and talk to her if you observe any of these for a long time. All the best boys!

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