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10 Lies Every Man Will Say To His Woman


10 Lies Every Man Will Say To His Woman

Let’s get one thing clear right from the start: Men suck. Yes, I said it. #yesallmen indeed.

Now where do I find the gall to say something that bold and controversial: Answer, science. Evolution.

Right from the dawn of mankind, when the first ancestors of ours were stirring in their caves and sharpening their flint tools, there was a certain pattern of family they followed.

Men had to be impatient, agile and alert. They also had to be promiscuous. Otherwise, potential mates, within the age of breeding, would simply be taken by someone else. And, nature had also hard wired in them, a need to propagate as much of their gene pool as they could, and as far as they could.

Of course, this was prehistory and indeed mankind has come a long way. But that kind of biological hard-wiring does not go away that easy. For example, women are still known to be able to discern more shades from color from each other, than men. This is because in that evolutionary phase women were gatherers and had to know the subtle gradations of color that often separated the edible from the poisonous.

So, men have inherited the art of lying from that drive to mate, continuously. That, combined with the sheer corporate and competitive lives we lead, where there is no choice but to become hard-hearted and goal-driven, men are really into a tight spot (no, I am definitely not white washing years of patriarchy with that statement).

Relationships with them almost always begin and consist of lies. Here are the most frequently used ones:

1. “I’ll text/call you tomorrow”

Ah, the promise to remember. Nah, just does not happen. This is probably the biggest anxiety inducing thing you can hear after a first date. And that is because you really do not know, do you. He might, if he is a decent human being, even if it is to tell you he does not like you. Or he might not. Your pick now. What makes this statement so devious, is its ambiguity.

2. “What was so special about her?”

Of course there was something special about her and he was thinking about her just then, when you popped the question and now he must hide his true feelings in order to be “cool”.

Because, he is a man.

3. “You are the only one”

No, you are the one awake and free tonight, so yeah, that way, you are the only one.

4. “I am doing okay”

He is not. We will give men this. They need, thanks to the toxic brand of male masculinity cultivated by the society, to create a façade of toughness and strength, despite being crushed by sorrows, failure, issues and whatnot. Even if they are not doing okay, they will invariably say they are.

5. “I am on my way”

Nah. He has just woken up and is brushing his teeth. He will be intentionally late because he cannot have you thinking he was excited to meet you and that you mean something to him.

6. “It won’t happen again”

If he is a fuckboy, it most definitely will happen again. If he is a decent human being, slight chance, it still might happen; he might not mean it, but it might happen.

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7. “You are my first love”

Really? No.

He is just saying that to, 1. Get into your pants every time he wants in the foreseeable future or 2. Because he is clingy, as he measures his self-worth in terms of the women he has been with. If this is the second scenario, you are one of the best he has had.

8. “I will be busy this weekend”

Nah. He probably has a new date to plan or worse, he will go to his man-cave or pub and hang out with his “bros”. They are the worse than a sewing cycle when they meet their brothers-from-other-mothers.

9. “You are the most beautiful girl I have set my eyes on”

Nah. He is just quoting/summarizing the only thing he remembers from the last fairy tale he read from a book; he is doing so, because as far as he is concerned, the prince who is charming gets the chick at the end.

10. “You know all my secrets”

Nah. You do not. And you probably never will, for better or for worse.

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