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8 Signs Your Partner is Lying to You


8 Signs Your Partner is Lying to You

Relationships are based on trust and loyalty. Both partners should cooperate with each other and help one another to solve their problems. Relationships cannot be one sided and can’t be maintained only by one person’s efforts. There is no place for hiding things. If you love someone you would never want to hurt them. You and your partner are friends and should never lie to each other.

If you find that your gut feeling is telling you that your partner is lying to you, then you should probably believe your instincts. If you find them always accusing you of doubting them, and they always justify their faults and also don’t make eye contact while speaking, then they are lying.

Start your inner lie detector to pull down their pathetic mask and reveal their true, unpleasant self and save yourself from getting hurt by them.

These are the 8 signs that your partner is lying to you:

1. Their behavior gets a drastic change

They start acting differently and cancel plans with weird excuses. Or always have a reason that sounds odd. They shower you with overloading affection and their overall behavior seems forced. If you find them acting strange then they are hiding something from you. If they get flustered whenever you ask something then they are lying. Confront them about it and put an end to their lies.

2. Real life says one thing and social media says something else

If you see that their posts in social media are not adding up to the events they tell you about, then they are lying. If they tell you that they are going to one place but they show up in another in their social media posts, and they forget to tell you of their change of plans, then they are liars.

3. They say they apparently never lie

If your partner says that they “never lie”, that is the biggest lie they are saying. Do not believe their sweet lies and confront the bitter truth. Everyone tells white lies, so it cannot be possible that they are the pure angels of truth. If they are caught in a lie that’s harmful, then that cannot be accepted at all.

4. If they deny something that they have done

Syntax and the pace of speaking are very important. It speaks a thousand words. If your partner says “I didn’t do it” instead of “I did not do it” then they are lying. When we’re scared or in a hurry, we tend to shorten words and not maintain eye contact. Honest people would never shorten the words as they are confident.

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5. Eye contact

If they don’t make eye contact, it is a huge sign that they are lying. An honest person is not scared of confrontation so they make eye contact while speaking. If your partner does not make eye contact with you while speaking, and they look away and simply cannot look you in the eyes, then they are surely lying.

6. Leaning away from you

If they fidget or lean away from you while speaking, then they are lying. These body languages are a huge lie detector so keep your eyes open if you want to spot them.

7. They accuse you of lying

If your partner always accuses you of doubting them and also lying to them, they are trying to justify their own wrong actions. Liars always think that what they are doing can also be done by someone else but they forget that everyone is not as pathetic as them.

8. Third person is telling you that your partner is lying

If your well wishers say that your partner is lying, listen to them. It is hard to know the truth from someone else’s mouth but it’s for the better. Bitter truth is far better than a fake sweet lie that will end up hurting you badly. If it’s only one person saying it, then don’t completely ignore them and take it with a pinch of salt, but if many people are saying the same things, then listen to them. Always trust your own eyes and experiences. It’s for your own good.

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