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If You Want To Treat Your Women Better, Here’s A List To Start With

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If You Want To Treat Your Women Better, Here’s A List To Start With

For many women — even smart women or women who should know better —, a “strong man” is synonymous with one who treats her badly. If the man doesn’t treat her badly, she’ll mortify herself, often by becoming voracious in her needs. She’ll hate herself and then wonder why she’s unloved. Such a woman might even look for someone who will cause her emotional pain, since she has come to associate pain with her deepest feelings and most intimate relationships and, in extreme cases, this can spill over into the toleration of physical, as well as emotional pain.

Discussed below are a few things that you can do as a man to help treat women better:

1. In a workplace, women are surrounded by creeps and some of them are your friends as well. You can talk to them and try to change that situation and kindly explain to them to not treat a woman that way.

2. ‘Women’ is the last thing that you would want to discuss with the man over a cup of coffee. Don’t gossip women.

3. If you are invited to be a part of a panel/team which has only men, say something about the proportion of men to women. You may also choose not to join the panel.

4. If you see a guy who is talking over a woman, interrupt that person by saying that the other woman was saying something.

5. When you walk inside a room full of men, learn to read the room by assessing the vibes you get from all the men.

6. Teach a man that it is basic manners to not call a woman ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ at a workplace.

7. Feminism is not always the answer to gain the trust of women. It should be shown through work, as actions speak louder than words.

8. You should not touch a woman unnecessarily and you should not touch a woman at all if you don’t know her.

9. If you show a woman some manners and be respectable to her, it doesn’t mean that she owes you anything.

10. You should not send naked pictures unless they are asked for.

11. Have some morale. If you are rejected on the first date, then don’t ask her again.

12. When a woman is drunk and neither can she protest against you nor your friend, make sure she is safe and not used because of her state at the moment. If you see that your friend is trying something then you must intervene, as he is your responsibility.

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13. Don’t do the right thing because you want the woman to praise you or to say ‘thank you’. Do it because you are a decent human being.

14. Women love creativity. Make them an equal partner in your creative projects.

15. Misogyny is a very big problem. Don’t treat it like a joke and don’t make jokes about it.

16. Not every woman is nice or cute. It is pointless to be upset about it.

17. Don’t judge a woman on the basis of her dress. Neither does it reflect her intelligence nor her personalities.

18. Gender equality should be followed. Don’t be bias when it comes to making payments.

19. If a woman points out your mistakes then don’t be upset about it or try to pin it on her. Learn to take responsibilities for your own actions.

20. If you are vulnerable then a woman cannot trust you. It makes you more whimsical. Never push a woman to be the person she doesn’t want to be for you.

21. If you get called out by a woman, don’t get upset or take it as an offense. Try to understand the problem and solve it.

22. You don’t need to put your hand in fire to see whether your fingers will get burnt or not. Similarly, if you want to know if a man is a horrible person, ask a woman. There have a good sense of intuition.

23. Don’t use your power to exploit a woman.

24. Talk to other men and stop them from exploiting other women, if they plan to do so.

25. Just because you are a survivor, it doesn’t mean that you cannot oppress a woman.

26. Go easy on your attitude when you talk to women.

27. Don’t ignore the above-mentioned points thinking that they are not applicable to you.

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