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Top 25 Fat Burning Foods For Women

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Top 25 Fat Burning Foods For Women

As summer draws in, many people are going to want to lose weight. This is by no means an easy proposition. Some say that it would require a transformation of your entire lifestyle if you want to lose weight and not regain it. You also have to stick to a proper diet and do regular exercise.

The food that you consume is linked to your general mental and physical condition. If you put yourself on balanced diet, you will slim down and also feel more energetic and healthy overall.

If you wish to know more about foods that can assist you in your weight loss journey, read the list we made below:

1. Citrus fruits

As per research conducted by the American Chemical Society, citrus fruits can prevent people from becoming diabetic and from contracting cardiac and liver diseases. The best way to ensure that you consume citrus regularly is by adding it to your drinks.

2. Walnuts

It is generally known that nuts have positive benefits for health and recently we’ve found out which nuts are best for the human body. Walnuts can satiate you and you will be left feeling well-fed for longer periods of time.

3. Popcorn

In a study conducted by Scranton University, it was discovered that popcorn has polyphenols which are associated with improvement in digesting food and circulation of blood. It is only the additions of butter and oil that make it unhealthy.

4. Berries

Consuming large portions of berries everyday is extremely beneficial for those who wish to lose weight. The flavonoids found in berries are associated with burning fat.

5. Whole grains

Research conducted at Tufts University showed that those who consume whole grains everyday tend to have less fat in their bodies as opposed to those who didn’t. The reason for this is most likely the large amounts of fiber in whole grains which leave you feeling satisfied.

6. Avocados

Avocados are great for those who wish to lose weight because they are extremely nutritious and fibrous. They contain fats that are healthy and essential minerals as well.

7. Cayenne Pepper

Consuming pepper daily helps you lose weight faster because of the elements it contains. This boosts the metabolism which helps the body burn more calories.

8. Salmon

As per research by the University of Kyoto, eating salmon ensures that your body can convert fat cells to cells that burn fat. It also makes you more muscular, if you are a person who exercises regularly.

9. Cinnamon

One of the elements in cinnamon called cinnamaldehyde stimulates your metabolism and helps your body use its calories. Stir in a little cinnamon with the oatmeal you’re having for breakfast.

10. Apples and Pears

Research conducted by the Rio de Janeiro State University shows that women should consume apples and pears thrice every day. This lessens the amount of glucose in the blood.

11. Chicken

Chicken is pure protein and it helps you lose fat, especially around the abdomen. It also helps your body conserve energy at times when you are pushing yourself hard to lose weight.

12. Spinach

A publication called Hormones conducted a study that showed that consuming a certain amount of spinach every week can help you lose weight faster. The lipoic acid it contains prevents sugar from entering the blood cells and being turned into fat.

13. Whey Protein

Taking these supplements can help you lose weight and become muscular.

14. Eggs

Eggs contain protein which is essential for losing weight. Eating eggs in the morning makes your metabolic activity faster for the rest of the day and keeps you from craving heavy food.

15. Milk

Drinking milk regularly can help you lose fat as it converts fat into muscle mass instead.

16. Beans

Consuming beans can improve the levels of sugar in your blood and significantly reduce the risk of cardiac issues, especially in diabetic people. They also have lots of protein which ensures that you don’t feel hungry for a while.

17. Purple Sweet Potatoes

A study that came out in the journal of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 2015 shows that they have lots of starch which prevents people from becoming obese.

18. Mustard

Researchers in the University of Oxford have proved that eating mustard can help your body burn calories faster.

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19. Ginger

Eating ginger increases thermogenesis and makes you feel full for a long time. It increases body temperature and makes your metabolism faster.

20. Water

Water carries nutrients through the body and cleanses it of impurities along the way. It also controls the temperature of the body.

21. Olive Oil

Instead of frying things in butter, try doing it with olive oil, which has been linked to weight loss. In a study conducted in Barcelona University, subjects who were put on a Mediterranean diet gained weight slower than the rest.

22. Green Tea

Another food that stimulates thermogenesis. A study showed that those who consumed a certain amount of the catechins found in green tea for three months saw a decrease in their weight and waist size.

23. Coffee

Drinking coffee can reduce your chances of becoming obese and of becoming diabetic. However, this only works if you drink your coffee without sugar, cream or milk in it.

24. Tomato Juice

Consuming tomatoes can prevent inflammation of the body. They also ensure that there is greater secretion of adiponectin, a protein that burns fat.

25. Soybeans

Research done at Illinois University has proved that soy can be used to fight obesity. The high amounts of protein they contain are very useful for those who wish to lose weight.

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