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10 things strong women don’t give a Dime about

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10 things strong women don’t give a Dime about

Too many times has it happened that society has taught us how to think, how to look at ourselves and what to care about or not. The result has been two-fold: we have stopped thinking for ourselves, and two, we have started taking everything in life seriously.

The sad part is that most of these things in life are not even worth our time. They are just things others want us to be concerned with. The result from that is, they have more power over us and we end up not achieving our fullest potential.

As women, we have always been subjected to more scrutiny and ridicule than usual. As a result, it is far more difficult for us to get things done for ourselves and to care for ourselves in today’s world.

So here is a list of 10 things that you should be wary about and not pay much heed to. You are a grown woman who needs no one to tell you what’s what!

1. Others’ opinions

At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with yourself. No one else pays your bills or helps you out if they do not have any hidden ulterior motives. So, the only person’s opinions about yourself you should care about, is you.

2. Correctness

If you are really mature, you will not care about being correct all the time. Rather, you would be more concerned about learning new things every single day, especially from your mistakes.

3. A perfect body

Because it is a given fact that perfectness exists in the mind of the beholder. Aphrodite had rolls of fat, and she was considered the goddess of love and the most beautiful of the immortal women.

4. Trends

Try setting the trends. Do not be another brick in the wall, someone who fits right in with all the others, in uniform. Be your own fashion guide. Let others follow you. Don’t fade away.

5. Toxic relationships

If it is toxic and is affecting your mental health, it is not love. It is something masquerading as love. You need to show some courage and weed it out of your life.

6. Sexual etiquette

As long as the person you are with feels right, you should not be worried about sexual etiquette. Show them your wild side, be kinky and be new. Surprise them and surpass all their expectations. Be a memorable story they tell their children.

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7. Conforming

Remember, you are one of a kind and it takes a jeweller to know a jewel. When you make rivals and enemies, remember that you are doing something different from them, and you are doing it right, and you are doing it better than them. There are hundreds of fish in the sea. It is your job to stick out from it. Only then can you be fished out when the opportunity comes.

8. Social media

Virtual likes on social media platforms and comments are not a true measure of capability, beauty or talent. Rather most of the people like stuff on their feeds mechanically. People do not have time on their hands to actually like something, to press the thumbs-up button. Remember that.

Do not let the lack of likes get you down, nor the abundance of them to get you too giddy. Take them as they are: useless, meaningless things. As long as you love yourself, the universe will be love-reacting on your life.

9. Chitchat, gossip and small talk

These things are a waste of time. They jam your brain and keep you busy while the things that matter remain unaddressed in your mind. These are the things that are simple ways of keeping you occupied. Rather, use the time to build meaningful bonds, friendships and relationships.

Or read. Nothing beats that.

10. Height

No matter how tall you are, as long as you are not feeling insecure about it, it should not matter to anyone else. Feeling sad when you see other taller women, or keeping yourself preoccupied in the shoe store trying to pick up the biggest, tallest heel you can find, is again, just a way of keeping yourself diverted from the useful things in life.

Keep your mind away from these things, like the mature grown woman you are!

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