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If you spot these 8 signs in your partner, he may be an actual psychopath


If you spot these 8 signs in your partner, he may be an actual psychopath

Nobody is perfect. We all have both good and bad habits in us. To make a relationship work, two people have to keep trying and compromising. However, there are certain important things that we fail to see when we are in love with someone. It stays right in-front of our eyes and we choose to ignore it until we are deep in trouble.

Adjusting and compromising to make the relationship work is one thing, but it’s only fine if you do it for someone who has good intentions. Some people are psychopaths and being in a relationship with them in impossible. They will make you feel small about yourself and torture you in ways that you can’t even tell anyone else about it. They will make you crazy and tell everyone about it. But they will never tell anyone what drove you to that stage.

Today we bring to you 8 signs that help you understand whether your partner is a psychopath or not. It’s never too late to pull yourself out of a mess. So look out for these signs and if they happen to match, then it’s time for you to dump your partner.

1. No real relationships except with you

They do not have any proper relationship with anyone except you. Their friendships haven’t lasted and you don’t see them being close to anyone else in their life. Not even their family. Their fake nature has made them become distant from every person in their life and this is why they have nobody but you. They wear a mask of superficiality in front of you so that you don’t find out about their true colors. Until now you weren’t able to figure out why they didn’t have anyone to hang out with. None of their relationships are long-lasting or meaningful. At first, you might be happy to know that you are the center of their world but later on you’ll realize that it’s clingy and there’s no room for personal space. Just because they don’t have anyone else close to them, they’d first expect, and then later want, you to do the same.

2. The Lies Never Stop

No matter how comfortable you make them feel, they won’t stop lying to you even about little things. This could be because of the insecurities they carry within themselves and they do everything in their power to hide it. Hence, they keep lying about things they don’t need to lie about. And if they are ever caught by lying, they will take the emotional turn and start justifying why they did what they did. They will make sure the ball is always in their court.

3. Rarely Displays Emotion Or Remorse

They don’t often feel sad for anyone, neither do they ever feel guilty for doing something wrong. But if they do at all, they won’t let it show. They always wear a mask to conceal their emotions.

4. They Play The Victim Card

Even when the fault is theirs, they know how to get everything according to their will just by turning into a victim and making it look like what they did was right and that they had no other options. They will paint a false picture of you as someone who is dominating.

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5. You Feel Trapped

Even though your relationship is supposed to make you feel happy, this does the complete opposite. You feel like as if you’re trapped in a cage and day by day it just keeps getting worse. The feeling of helplessness takes over you and eventually it starts showing on your face and other aspects of life, like your professional career.

6. Strong Sense Of Entitlement

They believe that they have a right on you and hence can behave in whichever way they want to. They make it look like you owe them respect and everything that you have just because you are in a relationship with them.

7. Their Need To Know Of Everything You Do

From what happens at work, to why a colleague messages you, to why your mother called – they feel like they deserve to know everything about you ALWAYS. There is no room for personal space.

8. Highly Inflated Ego

Even when they realize their mistake, they won’t apologize for it. Instead, they will behave like nothing happened. They’d rather let go of their partner than put their ego aside.

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