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22 Rare Traits Of A True Gentleman


22 Rare Traits Of A True Gentleman

What is a gentleman?

I think a gentleman is someone who holds the comfort of other people above their own.” – Anna Kendrick

A gentleman is polite and courteous, knows when to say what and most importantly, you will always be comfortable around him. This notion dates back to the Victorian times and is recurrent in all the romantic novels. Many believe the title comes with one’s social standing, but it is deeper than that.

David Cody, an associate professor of English at Hartwick College explains: “There was also a moral component inherent in the concept which made it difficult and an ambiguous thing for the Victorians themselves to attempt to define, though there were innumerable attempts, many of them predicated upon the revival in the nineteenth century of a chivalric moral code derived from the feudal past.

Here are the 22 signs of a true gentleman:

1. He will never raise a hand to a woman

A true gentleman will never hit a woman, not because he sees her as weak and helpless, but because he respects her in every way possible. He will protect her; not to show her that he thinks she is fragile or gentle, but because he truly wants to take care of her.

2. He has proper table manners

Manners never go out of style. A gentleman will know how to behave appropriately at a fine dining restaurant and a casual house party. He has good and appropriate manners. You do not need to worry about him at all as he is comfortable in his own skin.

3. He always waits for everyone to be served before eating

A true gentlemen shows courtesy. He is polite and respectful. He has great table manners and he would never even think about starting with his food before everyone’s food arrives at the table and they all start eating together.

4. He offers you his jacket when it’s cold

Your happiness, comfort and safety is his priority. If the temperature drops and you get cold, he will lend you his jacket to keep you warm and comfortable. It is a sign of sacrifice that he will always be willing to make for you.

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5. He never tells a lie

He values honesty like nothing else. He will never lie to you no matter what is at stake. He won’t compromise his values and he would never disrespect you by lying to you.

6. He is never rude to others

He can master his emotions and is always level headed. He keeps his calm even when someone puts him in a challenging position by being rude and disrespectful to him. A true gentlemen is never rude.

7. He gets the door for you

A gentleman will always open doors for you – be it while getting in or out the house or getting out of a car. He will let you go first, every time.

8. He always gets things accomplished

He does not assume that you are supposed to do all the household chores and he splits all responsibilities – be it feeding the dog, doing laundry, cooking dinner or fixing the car. He would always offer a helping hand and do his part and more!

9. He offers your arm when you are walking

You are important to him and he likes to keep you by his side always; even when walking. He will offer his arm each time you go out.

10. His heart is always in the right place

He is absolutely genuine. Even if he cannot execute his plans sometimes, he does not mean harm. His actions are always well meaning.

11. He helps you to be seated

A real gentleman will pull the chair out for you and help you to move in closer to the table while you are being seated.

12. He offers to pick up the check

He will offer to pick up the check but not force his decision on you. You are independent and he respects your choice if you decide to pay.

13. He takes pride in his appearance

I don’t mean he is self-obsessed, but he is always appropriately dressed for all occasions. He keeps his hair properly styled, his facial hair well maintained and his outfit will always look clean.

14. He is always on time

A gentleman never leaves anyone waiting for him and does not waste anyone’s time. He would never be late.

15. He is attentive to you and pays attention to you when you speak

He listens to you patiently and understands instead of dismissing your opinions. He values your words. He 100% concentrates on you when you speak.

16. He is always polite and courteous

Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is a sign of a true gentleman. They treat everyone with the utmost respect.

17. A gentleman always keeps his word

You can always count on him and he won’t ever let you down. If he gives you his word, you can be assured he will not back out and let you down.

18. He positions himself closest to the curb when walking

While walking down the road he will position himself between you and road to keep you safe. It is a warm gesture.

19. He can keep a secret

He will keep a secret no matter what. You can trust him with anything.

20. He offers his seat to others in need

He will give up his seat for a lady, old people, or someone who is injured to make them comfortable, be it in a bus or a anywhere.

21. He makes you a priority in his life

You will never be taken for granted by a gentleman. He will make efforts to take an interest in your hobbies, mix with your friends and family. You are his priority.

22. He does not kiss and tell

He will never demean you in front of his friends and brag about intimate moments. It is special to him and he will keep it to himself.

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