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7 Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship


7 Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

Submission is absolutely necessary in love. Yet, this submission is not without its limits. Loving and giving all to a person who doesn’t really appreciate all that is a great risk that we repeatedly take in a relationship.

But love is never a losing game where you have to be completely blind to the risks that you might be taking, in order to be with your love. It’s rather an empowering one!

Nothing can possibly empower you more than love can. However, that does not happen just like that. In order to be empowered in love, there are some crucial things that you should do and some other which you absolutely shouldn’t.

Here are 7 such critical DON’Ts that you should keep in mind for a healthy relationship, even when you have all of your partner’s attention.

1. DON’T take relationships only as solutions

It is obvious that your partner is the most trusted person in your life and you want to share all your troubles with them. However, you must keep in mind that they too are humans who have similar emotions and troubles just like you do. When we start taking our relationships as the solution to all our problems, we are vulnerable to becoming burdens in our partner’s life.

2. DON’T be personally affected by everything

As humans, we say many things which we don’t actually mean or sometimes they even come out as something completely different from what we meant. It happens with your partner too. Deep attachments sometimes compel you to react to anything and everything that is said to you. However, you must take time to fully process your partner’s words before reacting to them and must remain composed throughout the process. In short, you mustn’t always take things personally.

3. DON’T belittle yourself

It’s quite common for people to let their relationships have a negative effect on their self-esteem. But, you should never let this happen. You should be fully aware of who you are and what you are capable of. That’s the key to a perfect relationship.

4. DON’T limit your life to your relationship

In order to have a healthy relationship, it is imperative that each one involved has a life of their own beyond the relationship. It’s very problematic if you exhaust all your interactions solely within your relationships. Understanding your partner is very essential for a good relationship and it’s a grave mistake to just ‘accept’ being with a person who doesn’t really care about what you think. Making your partner your entire life eventually suffocates you and the relationship itself.

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5. DON’T say ‘Yes’ to everything

It is okay and rather healthy to not agree upon certain things when two people love each other. Your role in a relationship is never to only satisfy your partner’s ego by accepting whatever they say to you. Especially if you are a woman, you are expected to do just that. Never succumb to that and pretend as if you are a person who lacks a strong personality. Remember that he fell in love with a strong woman and if he demands otherwise, rethink the relationship itself.  

6. DON’T always wait for an apology

It’s not alright to always wait for the other person to apologize first. Sometimes you have to do it as well. Whenever there is an argument, you must take a step back and reflect upon what it was really for. The two of you must discuss things like adults and only then arrive at a decision. Mutual decisions are very crucial to the foundations of a healthy relationship.

7. DON’T hide important details

A healthy relationship is one in which there are no secrets regarding the more important things in life. We all have some trivial secrets and that’s absolutely fine. But when it comes to the more serious things in life, there must be absolute transparency in order to have a fulfilling relationship. You already know that trust and communication are imperative to a good relationship and lying harms this bond. A trust once dented, is very difficult to mend.

So, in all, a relationship is built not only by all the positive imports from the things that you should do, but is also very much dependent upon how you don’t do certain things. Keep these in mind always and be empowered as you deserve to be.

Image source: Flickr/Ion Chibzii

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