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7 Things You Better Avoid When Fighting With Your Partner, Especially The Second


7 Things You Better Avoid When Fighting With Your Partner, Especially The Second

Hurting someone is easier with whatever comes to your mind when you are quarreling with that person. But you should remember that the bitterness caused by your words and actions can prevail for a longer period of time and eventually can be a reason for the end of your relationship.

Following are some examples of the things that you should never say or do when you are fighting.

1. Avoid pulling members of your family into your quarrel

The quarrel is between you and your partner. When you pull each other’s parents and relatives into your fights, you add fire to the situation and make it worse. After things get resolved between you two, it is possible for those other people to remember everything and they will eventually use that against you whenever they get that opportunity.

2. Don’t be violent with your partner

When you are fighting, you have a tendency to bring to the fore each other’s worst side. In order to show that they are correct, they might use their physical force with the intention to hurt the other person. You must never be violent with each other, no matter how enraged you are with your beloved. This would only harm your relationship and all of your emotions will leave you once this happens.

3. Try to resolve the issues separately

You must keep every issue separate. If the fight is regarding any household work then keep it to that and do not mix up things. Because this only makes things worse and turns a trivial issue into a major fight. And then it is natural for your partner to wonder how he/she can continue the relationship, which is so demanding.

4. Don’t mention a divorce

Talking about divorce while you are having a conflict can be a major insult to your partner. The idea of getting a divorce can cause distress for your partner and they can be really upset with this. If you keep on saying about filling for a divorce, it will soon turn into a reality that would be harmful to both of you. When you two love each other, you should not talk about getting separated from each other.

5. Don’t leave the fight incomplete

Do not feel uneasy when you are having a brawl with your beloved and leave the place. It shows that you do not share a minimum comfort level with your partner when things go out of line. Banging the door or going out of the house and keeping things unsettled will reflect your immaturity in front of your partner. Wait until both you and your partner are calm and then try to handle things with maturity.

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6. Don’t keep things unresolved and go to bed

Don’t change your regular routine while you are fighting. Going separately to bed shows that you don’t want to resolve the fight. You might go to bed individually, but you eventually wake up close to each other and forget about the fight you had last night.

7. Don’t make your personal life issues public

Always keep your personal life problems away from the public. If you fight in the open space, you show how well you disrespect each other. So it is better to solve them in private.

Try to avoid these things while you are having a fight and maintain a good relationship with your partner.

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