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6 Secrets To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Your Whole Life


6 Secrets To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Your Whole Life

Right after marriage comes your honeymoon phase. This is the time when couples experience a constant feeling of bliss and have “butterflies in their tummy”. This phase is one of the most beautiful ones in life!

When you are in love, everything seems perfect and every step is a thrill, exactly the kind of high the drugs are for some people. You cannot stay away from them for long because the warmth of their presence is all you ever need.

Who wouldn’t want that to last? No one, right? But unfortunately it does come to a halt gradually if you do not do your marriage right.

With time, priorities change, responsibilities grow and you may find yourself over-burdened when all you want to do is go back to your honeymoon phase. So how do you ensure this phase never disappears in your life? How can you bring that smooth transition from your honeymoon phase to the rest of your married years rather than finding an abrupt change in your partner’s behavior, which may cause you to think that they don’t love you anymore?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure the love stays as intense and blissful forever. The other side of it is a friendly relationship with your partner with the long term security. And if you are not a fan of thrills in life, you may not be too stressed out by the risk of your honeymoon period coming to an end.

1. Allow change with time

The foremost important thing to a successful and long lasting love is to realize that people are always changing and, with their growth, you have to accept their newfound obsessions or changing behavior. You cannot expect a man to be exactly the same way he was four years ago. Instead of dreading change in your relationship, embrace it and be excited about learning more and more about your partner as time passes on by. Because often life ends too soon and you may wonder if you ever knew your partner at all.

2. One way is no way

You cannot expect your partner to be exactly the same way he used to be if you yourself have changed. This flows both ways. If they are not being as romantic as they used to be, it is time to reflect on your own behavior. Once you find the root cause, you may be able to solve it in a few minutes.

3. Don’t be super clingy

Many relationships fail because partners fail to understand the need for space and time. No matter how much you love each other, there will always be a time when you want to go for personal things, perhaps to practice out an old hobby or meet old friends. Give your partner some personal space and when you respect that, they will be more loving towards you.

4. Don’t dread the passage of time

There is nothing wrong with the later years in a marriage. The next stages bring many wonderful things with them, such as comfort and trust. It is an amazing feeling, being close to someone and being able to be yourself with them. Absorb its essence and enjoy it!

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5. Keep things spicy

Never stop showing little acts of romance. You must always show them how much you love them. With time you will realize that all your sweet memories were once the smallest gesture your partner did for you. They take up immense space in our hearts and aren’t east to forget. Also, look for new things of interest so you don’t get bored around each other.

6. Keep your relationship the top most priority

This does not imply that your relationship should be the only thing you should cling on to dear life for. This merely suggests that you must set aside quality time to spend with your loved one. Do not spend too much time on devices playing video games or with your friends because, once your partner starts to feel ignored, coming back to square one will not be easy.

These are not a set of rules to go by but rather subtle hints for you to keep your marriage in that honeymoon phase forever. Once you remember to implement on these, you will realize how wonderfully it impacts your life and your relationship.

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