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If Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast Here Are 9 Ways To Slow Things Down


If Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast Here Are 9 Ways To Slow Things Down

With a new relationship blossoming, you may feel like you are on a whirlwind and it may become an impossible job to keep things slow.

Because once things get going at a fast pace, the next step is usually moving in together or the guy makes you meet his parents. And if you are not ready to commit or just want to take it slow, this article highlights multiple signs that may mean that your need of wanting to slow things down is justified.

1. You know the truth deep down

Ever had a person give you crazy sparks only to have them say or do something that makes you rethink? We all have been there. Most of us would agree that this means you know for yourself that this guy isn’t the right one for you. Or you might just not be ready for that kind of commitment. Either way, this means your relationship is going too fast.

2. Always avoiding any serious talk

If you are comfortable with the pace of the relationship, talking about serious things like marriage and moving in won’t be a big deal, but it might become seriously awkward if you are just not on the same page. If the words we are talking about make you dread, this isn’t the right time.

3. You don’t know much about the other person

This may suck but love at first sight may be a myth. It’s an interesting concept though. You only really love someone when you truly know them. Maybe you are one of those who want to get to know the other person and then let the relationship develop.

– In the next part of this article we will talk about how to save the sparks for later and putting a halt to the crazy whirlwind of a relationship:

1. Be honest about it with your partner

Letting your feelings out may do you more good than you can imagine. Who knows, even they might be feeling the same way. But be careful to have this conversation the right way because it may come out wrong and your partner may end up assuming you do not want them at all and get really hurt.

2. Keep your schedule full

If you need some distance, get busy with other things. Occupy your empty schedule with a night out with your friends or a relaxing spa day. A certain distance would keep the relationship happy and thriving at the perfect pace.

3. Don’t ignore your friends

Everyone has been at a certain point where they felt like they have to give up on their quality time with friends because of their commitment to a loved one alone. Its good that your partner and friends have a great bond but you need to have some personal space, otherwise it will be too overwhelming for you.

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4. Say ‘no’ to meeting the family

If you agree to this, there is no backing down from this step. Not easily anyways. So go for it if you are sure you want to commit in the long term. If you take it lightly, you may end up getting attached to the family and may find yourself in a confusing position. And later, if you decide to not marry the guy, you will end up breaking not one, but the entire family’s heart.

5. Use your phone but not to text/call them all the time

There is nothing worse than being glued to your phone as it may become an addicting habit. Even though lying isn’t a good thing, a white lie may do. Do not make your partner feel like you are trying to steer clear of them on purpose. Rather, tell them about your newfound interests or simply say you are not into devices anymore or that you are trying to limit your screen time.

Through these tactics you can keep a safe and healthy distance from your loved one. One where they do not feel ignored and one that would help you find the right balance and pace. You do not have to be aware about what your partner is up to all the time. Some distance may actually foster love and after a long time of keeping away, you may end up wanting them more. As they say, the longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss.

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