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5 reasons why Beautiful women end up in poor relationships


5 reasons why Beautiful women end up in poor relationships

Not everything is great when you are beautiful. Beautiful women have their own set of problems which can be pretty discomforting.

Most of the times, it will make them end up in terrible relationships. Nobody wants that! But where are we going wrong?

It’s time to analyze what goes wrong when it comes to relationships and beautiful women, and how we can tackle it:

1. Expectations getting higher

Beautiful women have a lot of expectations from their partner. It’s logical. They spend so much time taking care of themselves and to appear beautiful, it’s fair that they ask the same from their partners. It’s not really money or vacations that move them – rather, they need the time and attention of their S.O. But it’s not something you’ll get all the time. Once you expect too much, it becomes a mess. Communication is the key here. Talk to your partner if you’re not getting the adequate attention or time that you need. If his presentation and image makes you uncomfortable, talk to him about it. Most importantly, give him time to change and deliver. Be a supportive person, and guide him through it.

2. Fading away

We all know that our looks are not there to stay. For beautiful women, this thought is a terrible one. They know that their beauty is going to fade away. And what will happen to them then? It’s difficult to know which partner is there for you just because you are beautiful. If your partner is there only for your looks and breaks up when it begins to fade, that will lead to a terrible heartbreak.

Maybe it’s time we look beyond our appearances. Since beauty is so transient, why don’t we put our trust in something more reliable and permanent? Your beauty doesn’t define you. A good partner knows what you are worth, and he’ll never leave you if your beauty fades. That’s the power of love. If you don’t believe me – go and look at the happy old couples still ripe with teenage love!

3. Bad Partners

In today’s connected world, getting a partner is really easy. But as the old adage goes: easy come, easy go. We tend to get into relationships and when we like someone, we start thinking about marriage instantly. This becomes truer, especially when you have experienced some relationships before as the school sweetheart, or the college darling or even a long-term prospective bride. But while we are knitting the wonderful tales of our marriage, if our partner breaks up, we are left devastated. The heartbreak is real and it takes years to come in terms with it. So what do we have to do to prevent such a pain? The best thing is to be a bit more judicious. Choose a partner who loves YOU and would have no second thoughts about marrying you. If he loves you for who you are, you can be sure that he won’t be leaving you easily. Time to set up for a perfect wedding. Heartaches would be a thing of the past.

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4. Too much attention

We all love some attention but nothing is good in excess. When men get too clingy, it really becomes difficult to deal with. And when you’re a beautiful woman, you might be experiencing it even more. Your partner might want to know that everything is all right all the time. It’s insecurity of course, but remember, it comes from a place of love. Your partner can’t think of a moment when he does something wrong to harm the relationship. Talk to him about it – assure him that everything’s fine and that his extra clinginess is affecting you badly. Tell him to get a hobby, even if he doesn’t like it. That’d keep him busy.

5. Withdrawn from emotions

As beautiful women, you must have had an enormous amount of men approaching you. You must have gotten into a relationship not knowing what the man really wants. And each time, he went away leaving you in tears. It’s understandable if you are emotionally withdrawn. Even if you have a partner, you’re probably aloof and would try not to be too attached. But you know it’s wrong. If both of you are not invested in a relationship, it will be damaging. Don’t do it. Take the effort to communicate, give it a shot. You never know when it might be worth it. Try to love again.

Don’t go for the looks – go for a nice heart. That’s the one who will stay with you forever and will make you want to fall in love yet again. And love – it is the most wonderful experience in our life. Let’s cherish it while we have it.

Image was originally taken by Sean Archer/500px

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