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12 Signs of Mutual Chemistry Between Two People


12 Signs of Mutual Chemistry Between Two People

When you meet someone and feel like you two connect instantly, what do you think ensures that your relationship lasts long?

Sure, its love, but above all, it’s the chemistry you share; and we mean literal chemistry – the rush of hormones and release of neurotransmitters involved when you are with your significant other is what we are talking about! It is what makes you compatible.

The question arises: how do you know that you two share chemistry? Here are the 12 signs!

1. Mutual interests

Okay, so yes, opposites attract, only scientifically though. Speaking romantically, you will share interests with your other half as it ensures a common ground: the topic of discussion is mutually liked and both of you know plenty about it enabling a conversation lasting hours! Moreover, it will make you more open to understanding each others likes and dislikes.

2. Understanding of sarcasm

It sounds plain dull when we talk about a relationship with a monotonous feeling and things only spice up if there is a shared degree of sense of sarcasm – you can call it the glue to holding together the fun in a relationship! However, not everyone seems to appreciate other’ in this regard. When you do though, make sure you keep them – sarcasm matches do no come around often!

3. Respect for each other

It is the unsaid must in any long-term relationship! Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t respect them so yeah, you have to be highly respectful of your partner and them of you.

4. Mirroring each other

Have you ever been told that you are same as your best friend? Well, you will notice a likewise similarity between you and your partner when the chemistry is lit! You will unconsciously pick up their habits and style and lead as they do. It is your mind’s attempt to ask for their appreciation by adopting their do’s and don’ts.

5. Being aware of the little details

When you are truly into someone, you take note of the slightest things which are totally ignored if considered regularly. Knowing these details means a lot more than you can imagine!

6. Silence is appreciated

If the chemistry is right, periods of silences would not bother either of you. In fact, if you notice enjoying your partners company in utter silence, it is a green signal.

7. Consistency prevails

Sure, we aren’t always completely honest but if you share a real spark with someone, you would not feel like holding back anything because you are trying to know the other person. So, you will be truthful – always!

8. Time flies

Whenever you are involved with something of your interest, you lose track of time. Similar phenomenon exists when you are with someone you chemically hit it off – you will notice the time goes by real fast and there is never enough time for both of you two spend together!

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9. Equal contribution

If the chemistry is right, you will never feel like you are the one putting in more than the other. Both of you handle the relationship equally without making your contributions look like they are the pillars holding everything together.

10. Jokes are a norm

Everyone is attracted to someone who makes them laugh and, if someone who you share chemistry with is capable of sharing a laughter with you, go for it! In fact, if you are already intimate, recall if you share any private jokes – they should be a sign enough that you are meant to be together!

11. Physical contact isn’t awkward

Being touched by someone and feel comfortable is a major indicator that things are heating up romantically. If that is the case with you, know that the chemistry is starting to take its turn. You will appreciate their touching and reciprocate positively.

12. Indicators in a couple

When it comes to couples, they will display varying signs of presence of a chemistry between them. However, a few are quite universal, for example: they will initiate romantic physical contact without having any sexual motive. It is merely a gesture of their love. Then, they are highly supportive and make time for each other ensuring they do not make the other feel unwanted – it is very much an indicator of chemistry if you feel like you are always desired by your other half! If you always sense a struggle from both sides to keep the flames alive in your relationship, hold on to your partner!

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