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12 Warning Signs That Your Guy Will Break Your Heart


12 Warning Signs That Your Guy Will Break Your Heart

Heartbreak has never been easy for anyone. The pain of losing someone through heartbreak is unbearable and scarring. When you meet a person, you believe that both of you share something special, which can be nurtured in the future. Gradually you invest yourself into it and try to make things work out between the two of you. As it may seem to be the case you see signs of success too.

However, when you proceed further, you see some unexpected developments that indicate indifference from his side. This is when complications begin to arise between the two of you.

The bubble is pricked by a sharp reality that makes you realize that your relationship is not all that ideal. It’s not the kind of relationship that will only progress but one that is vulnerable to some unwanted changes. Increasingly, there is a realization of the fact that you may lose your relationship, especially when you’ve invested so much of yourself in it. But the truth is that most relationships come to an end. Not all of them live up to its fullest. The heartbreak that follows with the end of the relationship is extremely difficult to cope with. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to experience it ever.

And here’s why it is important for you to be aware of people who can break your heart. You surely would like to be away from anyone who will possibly break your heart after the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over.

So the question is, how do you detect such people? There has to be a way to separate boys that are heartbreakers from those who aren’t. And if you want to save yourself from heartbreak then you must read what’s going to follow here. If you think that the signs given below match with those in your guy – beware! He’s certainly a heartbreaker!

1. He avoids eye contact with you during conversations

Well nobody can deny that eyes are the mirror to one’s heart. So, if he’s avoiding eye contact during conversations then perhaps there’s something that he’s hiding from you. Perhaps he’s afraid that you will read his intentions.

2. He doesn’t like to give a name to your relationship

If there is no label to identify your relationship then it’s clear that he doesn’t want to commit himself to you. He wants to keep the relationship casual and unofficial.

3. He experienced heartbreak in his past

If a man has gone through heartbreak in his past, there’s a possibility that he can’t commit himself to a long-term relationship in the future. He’s damaged and cannot contribute to a relationship ever again.

4. He enjoys flirting with women

If he’s so casual about flirting with others, you are not his priority. He may soon move on to someone else.

5. He doesn’t care if your friends like him or not

He’s least interested in caring whether your friends like him or not. This is because he doesn’t see this relationship as a long-term engagement.

6. He doesn’t try to reach out to you

He doesn’t make an attempt to have a conversation with you because it’s a temporary relationship.

7. He doesn’t indicate any interest in your likes and dislikes

He doesn’t consider it important to know more about your passions and interests. There is no desire to be a part of your world.

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8. He thinks of himself as better than you

The two of you don’t hold the same importance in his life. His world centers on himself and makes you rotate around him.

9. You’re the one who always adjusts

It’s always his choices and preferences that matters in the relationship. He’s selfish, demanding, and uncompromising with regard to every decision you make.

10. He often breaks his promises

He doesn’t care what you think about him or if you’re ever upset with him. Your feelings mean nothing to him.

11. His friends are more important to him

His friends are always a priority over you and your needs.

12. You can sense something amiss about it

Maybe you should really listen to what your instincts have to say about this. It could be that you’re blinded by feelings at the moment but you can pull yourself out of it if you follow your inner voice.

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