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Every Man Needs To Know: Here’s Why A Woman Will Leave You Even If She Loves You


Every Man Needs To Know: Here’s Why A Woman Will Leave You Even If She Loves You

It feels like a strange paradox, but it’s true that. sometimes. a woman who’s in love with a man, leaves him. It’s not as if it’s a frivolous decision made overnight. In fact, it comes after great contemplation of the situation that she’s in.

It breaks her heart to walk out of the life of the man she loves but she sees no other choice in front of her. Gathering all her courage, she decides to put her foot down. And in this sort of a condition, nothing, not even the fact that she has children with the man, can stop her.

Now, of course, there are a lot of reasons for coming to this conclusion in life. And the reasons are not always about the man cheating on her; they go beyond that. What follows in this article are the different situations of a singular reason for an event like this. And that is, that the man she’s in love with is never present.

A woman who decides to step out of a loving relationship does so because her partner is always preoccupied with things that don’t include her. He’s either watching TV, gaming, spending time with friends, overworking, not taking up house tasks, and so on. It’s not as if these men are immoral in nature, but they’re simply not invested in the relationship. They take the relationship for granted and thus end up losing the woman.

In situations like these, women often complain that they could easily walk away with another man and still their partner won’t notice their presence. That’s the extent to which these are detached from the relationship. And men who think that they can express their anger over this have no right to feel so. They’ve taken their love for granted for too long and they deserve to be stranded like this.

A man needs to make his woman feel special by being emotionally near her. She has to be assured that her presence matters to you and that you’re ready to keep aside some time of your day exclusively for her. With you just being physically or mentally absent around her, she’ll start feeling ignored. This will gradually build up to a situation where she’ll also stop investing herself in you.

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She wants to sense your presence around her. The warm touch of love matters a lot to her. You cannot reserve the relationship to a cold, meaningless intimacy with her. You need to make her feel wanted, desired, and loved in the process. She longs for your passion towards her and for the life that you share with each other. It’s your dynamic energy that she looks forward to experiencing each day. If you’re physically absent or mentally preoccupied then she’s not able to emotionally connect with your otherwise energetic and loving attitude.

You must spend time with her where you just hear her speak. She desires to share so many things with you without you drifting away from her. Look into her eyes as she speaks with you. Express your admiration for her. Make her feel that you are closely following each word that she’s saying to you. She likes it when you show interest and curiosity in her life. Ask details about each day in her life to make her feel more loved.

Be sensitively present around her. Notice her expressions when she talks to you, or hold hands with her as you sit together. Follow her body language to know what is she hiding behind those words of hers, see if there’s something that she’s feeling too shy to share with you. If you can follow her beyond those words and reach out to her, you’re being mindful. This is what she really needs from you—that you can be mindful around her.

And yet, if you’re like most men who think that they cannot spend even less than a quarter of their day with the woman in their life, then you must know that she’s not going to stay with you for long. So be present for her and let her open up to you because she truly loves you despite your shortcomings.

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