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The Invisible Red Thread between Two People who are Meant to be Together


The Invisible Red Thread between Two People who are Meant to be Together

We all are accustomed with the idea of soulmates. This idea originated from Plato’s Symposium where Aristophanes was of the belief that humans were eight-limbed creatures with two heads. The Gods split them in half to reduce their power and humans were reduced to weaker beings, constantly feeling incomplete, without their significant “other half”.

Your soulmate is the other half who completes you and together you represent a whole circle. In present times, this idea has been revolutionized into a romantic ideal of the perfect “one” we’re always in the quest for.

Similar is the concept of the invisible string that binds us and the person who is just the right one for us. If ancient legends are to believed, this string is not only invisible but also unbreakable. According to the legend, this string is tied to our ankles by the Gods so that no matter where we go or how far we’re separated by distance, we shall always be connected to the ones destined to be with us till the end of time.

A lot of people assume the color of this invisible string that binds you and your destined someone to be red, if we could see it, of course. It stems from the common assumption of associating the color red with anything related to “love.” This string that is supposed to run from us to the ones created solely for us can get entangled and stretched to extreme points but shall never break.

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This unbreakable bond between you and the loved one you cherish shall never die out in spite of distance, time or disagreements. It withstands the test of time, distance and all possible discords that you and your special someone might have to endure.

When the invisible thread becomes tangled or stretched beyond a point, it doesn’t run the risk of being severed but it might take longer than usual to be united with your beloved. Things never get impossible – they might get delayed for the time being and happen at a later on. Your beloved will find their way back to you or you’ll be led to them – you two will invariably cross paths for sure and never run the risk of being alone again. The string is almost like a magic wand that is believed to unite you two together in the sacred bond withstanding all mental and physical distances that might creep between you both eventually with time.

Are you an ardent believer in fate and the way it works? We all wish to have a special someone who puts us before everything and chooses us every single time, all over again, over every single thing.

When things don’t go right and life is falling apart for us, we wish to have that only person sticking by our side through the thick and the thin. Almost every one of us believes in the singular idea that someone in this big world is there just for us, to heal our broken selves and give all the love we need. We all live believing in a perfect someone who shall come along and complete us.

But there are also people who believe they don’t need a certain someone to complete them. They rather wish for someone who complements them. While there are many who might not adhere to the ideas of soulmate, twin flame or the invisible string, the adage “And in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness”, holds true to all of us.

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