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Here’s The Highest Possible IQ And The People Who Hold The World Record


Here’s The Highest Possible IQ And The People Who Hold The World Record

Ever wondered what the highest possible IQ is? The answer is 250! Do you think it is a big deal?

Then here are some quick facts: if you get a score of 110 in an IQ test, it is considered to be above average intelligence.

Albert Einstein is estimated to have an IQ between the range of 160-190 and Stephen Hawking is said to have 160, though none took the test.

What Is IQ?

In 1916, Lewis Madison Terman, an American psychologist, developed the intelligence quotient or IQ. He was employed by the United States Army and the first ever mass IQ test was conducted during World War I. According to Terman’s scale, people who score under 70 are “definite feeble-minded”; between 70 and 79, possibly have “borderline deficiency”; between 80 and 89 are considered dull. The average score is between 90 and 109, which is considered to be “normal”. A score between 110 and 119 shows superior intelligence; between 120 and 140 shows extreme intelligence; and a score over 140 is a sign of a true genius.

What is the highest theoretical IQ?

Image source: Dmcq/Wikimedia

The mean of the normal distribution was arbitrarily placed at 100 when the test was conducted. This basically means if you score lower than 100, you are below average and above 100 the opposite. The standard deviation is taken to be 15, which makes IQ of 200 impossible. The numbers below hence are not accurate.

The World Record For High IQ

William James Sidis with a score between 250 and 300 is at the top of the chart. The people having the highest possible IQ:

  1. Terence Tao (IQ score between 225 and 230)
  2. Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score of 228)
  3. Christopher Hirata (IQ score of 225)
  4. Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score of 210)
  5. Edith Stern (IQ score over 200)
  6. Christopher Michael Langan (IQ score between 190 and 210)
  7. Garry Kasparov (IQ score of 194)
  8. Philip Emeagwali (IQ score of 190)
  9. Judit Polgar (IQ score of 170)
  10. Albert Einstein (IQ score between 160 and 190)
  11. Stephen Hawking (IQ score of 160)

William James Sidis (IQ score between 250-300)

Image source: Wikimedia

Sidis was a child prodigy. At the tender age of 5, he could type and had learned several languages including Greek, Latin, French, Hebrew, Russian, German, and, of course, English. At 11, he got admission at Harvard University. He became a teacher in Texas, tried to prosper in his political career but died at 46, bankrupt.

Terence Tao (IQ score between 225 and 230)

Image source: Google Plus/Terance Tao

Born in 1975 in Adelaide, Tao was a mathematician. He earned a Ph.D when he was only 20. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 2006 and currently works at UCLA.

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Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score of 228)

Image source: Quotesgram

She bagged the title of the person with the highest IQ in 1986 in the Guinness Book of World Records. She is known for her brilliant column “Ask Marilyn” where she solves the mysteries of life.

Christopher Hirata (IQ score of 225)

Hirata is an American astronomy professor at Ohio State University. He too was a child prodigy and bagged the gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1996 aged 13. He started working for NASA at 16, and earned a Ph.D. from Princeton when at 22.

Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score of 210)

He is a Korean professor working at Chungbuk National University. Apart from his native Korean, he learned how to read English, German, and Japanese age of 6. He could write when he was 4 and earned a Ph.D. at 16.

Edith Stern (IQ score of more than 200)

Stern is an engineer and IBM inventor with a Ph.D. in Math. She knew the entire Latin alphabet by the age of 2. She entered college at 12 and became a teacher at 16.

Christopher Michael Langan (IQ score between 190 and 210)

Image source: Ben David/Flickr

He is best known for his “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe” theory. He was a self-taught reader at age 3.

Garry Kasparov (IQ score of 194)

Image source: Kasparov Agent

He is famous for his Chess skills. He was the youngest World Chess Champion in 1985 at 22.

Philip Emeagwali (IQ score of 190)

Image source: Emeagwali/Wikimedia

He is a computer scientist, mathematician, engineer, and geologist. He was enrolled in the Biafran army during the Nigerian Civil War but continued his education later.

Judit Polgar (IQ score of 170)

Image source: Ygrek/Wikimedia

She became a chess grandmaster at 15 and is one of the best female chess player till date.

How To Increase Your IQ Score?

Eat healthy food and exercise. Meditating helps you focus and helps you stay relaxed. Challenge your mind through word puzzles, reading and learning a language. Broaden the horizon of your mind by travelling and experiencing new things.

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