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This Is What Wifi, Cell Phones, Ipads & More Are Doing To Your Child’s Brain


This Is What Wifi, Cell Phones, Ipads & More Are Doing To Your Child’s Brain

Before we really get into this, let us make ourselves clear and say that this is what has been observed and in one study and further research is necessary, it is just essential to bring these things to the foreground because of how much they affect our lives.

Firstly, we have to know that radiation affects children’s brains more than they affect adults.

Dr. Martin Blank from Colombia University has joined forces with other scientists across the world to go to the UN and try to get something done about the dangers caused by harmful radiation from mobile phones, iPads and so on.

There have been studies before that have shown that mobile phone radiations can cause cancer and that should not be surprising because radio frequency fields have been thought to be carcinogens back in 2011 as well. All of this came to the limelight when WHO started talking about it.

Now, all of this is not to scare you, but to tell you that if you are a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child knows these things and there is always a restriction when it comes to gadgets. Yes, it is going to be difficult given the fact that everything, from education to entertainment to communication, is dependent on these things.

One of the many researchers, Dr Devra Davis, opines that a cell phone is something like a “two-way” microwave radio. The technology that they use is, at the end of the day, radio-frequency technology, things that are used to listen to music on benign things like the radio. Where the microwave radiation sounds bad, harmful and malignant, the word radio does not. The irony of the situation is that both radio frequency and microwave are synonymous.

And this lackadaisical or rather ignorant attitude of the industry predicates that you, the parents, should take your child’s health and safety into your own hands.

Here are some solutions and suggestions to better the wrong.

1. Inform yourself

Read up about the dangers. There are medical journals and articles circulating online, that talk about these things in vivid detail. Talk to your peers, fellow parents and children about the risks they are running. Also, you can procure an electrosmog meter that measures the exposure you are facing from your device.

2. Reduce

To absolutely when necessary, that is, only when your children needs to communicate with you on a very urgent basis, the usage of a mobile phone. This is pertinent because it is your kids who are most at risk.

3. Learn to live without your mobile phone

Learn to switch your communication devices more often and learn how to live with the quietness and solitude more. Also, embrace lifestyle choices that do not require a cell phone.

4. Limit

Your peak usage to places with extremely good reception. This reduces the amount of energy your phone has to use to receive and send signals to and from, as a result reduces the peak of radiation levels.

5. Big no-no

DO NOT sleep with your cell phone on your person, or under the pillow. This sends the radiation from the device into your body, especially to vulnerable parts like the brain, directly and with ease. This is also true for women who sometimes carry cell phones in their bra, or men who sleep with phones in their trouser pockets. There has been a marked similarity between increased cell phone radiation levels and increased percentage of infertile men.

At least make it hard for this to happen. At this point it is also necessary to state that no brand/type of cell phone is better than some other. They are all part of the same menace. And prevent/reduce usages especially in high-risk areas, like a hospital, clinic, etc. These places are where people are sensitive to EMF, and you owe it to them to not increase risks to their bodies.

6. Use good quality headphones that are shielded

Headphones, especially wired ones, increase the distance between you and your device. So it is imperative that you use good, shielded ones. There’s a simple rule of thumb: go for a good brand and go for an expensive one. It’s sad but in our world, quality is mostly predicated by the price it holds.

Besides, you can try to reduce your overall electrical usage as all electrical devices emit some quantity of radiation. And try to reduce holding, carrying and using electrical devices on your person.

Stay informed. Stay safe!

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer / Dr. Devra Davis:

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