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Scientists Revealed 10 Surprising Qualities That Make Us Less Attractive

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Scientists Revealed 10 Surprising Qualities That Make Us Less Attractive

Scientists are constantly looking into the various phenomenon, trying to know more about anything and everything. Their circle of research is ever expanding. In the field of personality as well, they have worked tirelessly to unveil numerous aspects.

After researching in various countries across the globe, they brought together 10 qualities in a person which make them seem less attractive to others.

Since we all want to look appealing, let’s see what these 10 qualities are and try mitigating them if they exist in us.

1. Stress

So, when you stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Back in 2013, data in the journal Biology Letters showed that women who had a high level of cortisol were less attractive to men. It’s probably because stressful and worrying women can be very nagging. Life’s already nerve-wracking enough, nobody needs an added dose, right?

2. Dishonesty

It goes without saying that you have to be truthful and honest if you want others to like you. Now, research has proven it too. Why would anyone like someone who isn’t honest? Fondness arises when there is trust and, if someone is dishonest, there is ultimately no trust.

3. Sleep deprivation

In 2010, researchers in Sweden conducted a research which concluded that those who were deprived of sleep were less attractive to others. You must know just how beneficial sleeping on time is. Obviously, if you deprive yourself of sleep, you deprive yourself of those benefits and you lose your charm.

4. Being mean

There was a research in China in 2014 which proved that people who are mean are less attractive. They pulled together a group of volunteers who were shown pictures of people with neutral expressions. There were varying descriptions of emotions written underneath those pictures. People who had “mean” descriptors underneath their pictures were rated less attractive.

5. Contractive body language

Do you want to impress people? Avoid contractive body language! Professors from four universities in the US did some research and revealed that crossed arms, hunched shoulders and other contractive body language repels people. You have to look confident and self-assuring through your body language. Contractive body conveys otherwise!

6. Laziness

Experts at Universities of Wisconsin and New York have shown evidence that lazy people put off others. They aren’t the most attractive kind and rather, people see them as boring. Obviously, activeness and agility is always preferred by everyone. We all procrastinate every once in a while but being habitual, that’s something nobody wants in another person.

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7. Seeming too happy

Are you thinking what could possibly be wrong with looking too happy? Well, researchers at the University of British Columbia did some research in 2011. It revealed that women do not find men who smile a lot attractive. It may be because there is some charm in wearing that serious, charming face on rather than looking all goofy all the time. It’s okay to be happy but it isn’t possible to be over the moon all the time!

8. Looking too proud

Sure, it’s nice to play hard-to-get sometimes but being too proud in general can be repellent. The research in consideration earlier, the one by experts at the University of British Columbia, it also concluded that overly proud women weren’t seen as attractive by other men. Who likes a snobby woman, after all, right? Don’t be so full of yourself. Be humble.

9. Smelling too similar

We all have our distinctive smells but, at times, the smell is too similar. Have you ever met someone who smells like you? Were you attracted to them? Probably not because researches have proven we aren’t attracted to someone who smells like us. In particular, researchers at the University of New Mexico contributed to this theory. It concluded that people tend to repel someone smelling like them because subconsciously they think they are related.

10. Not having a sense of humor

It is quite universal that people like someone who makes them laugh. Uptight people aren’t the most liked kind. A psychologist at the University of Ulster further provided evidence through their research which concluded that those of us who lack a sense of humor aren’t the ones seen as attractive. Loosen up. Laugh every once in a while. Be happy and make others happy!

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