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Science Reveals What Happens To Your Soul After You Die


Science Reveals What Happens To Your Soul After You Die

Everything constituting this universe has Energy inside it.

We have all read about energy when we were in school. It’s time to recollect those boring hours of classes because you are going to need that information. Energy is defined as a quantitative property that needs to be transferred from one object to another in order to perform a work. Thus, energy is transferable and never extinguishes.

We all have energy inside us. It changes its form just like a Metamorphmagus in a fantasy movie.We are one of the most advanced species in the known universe and, like all other organisms, we have an entity called consciousness.

What is consciousness? It is difficult to define consciousness with one particular definition.

The word consciousness is derived from the Latin word ‘conscius’ where con means “together” and scio means “to know”. Generally, consciousness means awareness of one’s surroundings and the realization of oneself. The perception of the inner and outer world, it includes both mental and physical awareness.

Our existence is mostly a part of our consciousness. According to psychology and Freud, there are three layers of consciousness; the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Our mind is like an ice berg, we only see the tip of it that is the conscious part. We cannot comprehend the subconscious and the unconscious levels of mind. Only when we are dreaming can we actually see a little part of our subconscious mind. As for the unconscious, we never really know what’s down there in the deepest recesses of our mind.

Everything in this Universe dies and renews itself after a period of time. Stars and planets die to be born again just as organisms die and are born again. The energy transforms itself all the time.

Thus, humans also have to perish to be born again. The main question is what happens when a living being dies?

Physically, the body is decomposed to return back to nature but what happens to the consciousness of that being? Science and philosophy have always questioned this from time immemorial. According to science, anything tangible and empirical, that can be proved with logic, exists.

When science explains consciousness, Quantum Physics enters the scene. The main theory about this topic is the ORC-OR Theory.

What is the ORC-OR Theory?

Orchestrated objective reduction is a hypothetical theory that states that consciousness in the brain originates from functions inside the neurons rather than from the connections between neurons. This process is said to be a quantum physics process called objective reduction that is created by some molecular structures known as microtubules.

This theory was put forward in 1990 by physicist Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist and psychologist Stuart Hamerhoff.

Before explaining this theory, lets answer another question. What is Quantum Consciousness?  What does the universe and human consciousness have in common?

1. We know extremely little about both of them.

2. Quantum Vibrations are found in both of them.

There is a deep connection between human mind and the universe. Lets return to the ORC-OR theory, as stated earlier, it theories that the consciousness is derived from minuscule protein structures called microtubules. On a physiological aspect, microtubules are defined as the cell’s luggage carousel that transports cellular resources and elements like luggage. Microtubules help in cell division and the general structuring of cells. And the most important thing is, microtubules contain Quantum Energy. Consciousness has been debated to be a spiritual entity, as well as a functioning of these microtubules.

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The theory proposed by Hamerhoff and Penrose was almost 20 years ago and there have been technological advancements since that time that seem to agree with their theory.

The Relation between ORC-OR Theory and Death

The laws of energy that is widely accepted by scientists states that “Energy can neither be created or destroyed”. Energy can transform, or in other words, it changes form. So the Energy we carry as living beings must change forms.

To conclude, Quantum Energy is the fulcrum and spine of the Universe and it is found within us.

Does the energy return to its source as Penrose and Hamerhoff suggest? Or something else happens? Only the Universe knows!

What Happens When You Die?

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