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Science Reveals 11 Unexpected Qualities of an Ideal Man

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Science Reveals 11 Unexpected Qualities of an Ideal Man

When we think of an ideal man, we always consider someone with a six-figure salary, six-pack abs, and above 6 feet in height. But, recent reports have denounced this theory and put forward what scientists believe to be the true qualities that embody an ideal man.

In the end, all that matters is your heart and what your intentions are. Although first impressions matter a lot too!

What are they? Let’s see.

1. Bushy Eyebrows, and A Structured Chin

Women like men with a bushy eyebrow and a well-formed jawline. When it comes to life-long commitment, women notice these first. So don’t go changing that after getting to know of this statement.

2. Facial Hair

In a research survey conducted, facial hair ranked first among women’s preferences. A thick stubble which grows after a period of 10 days, turned out to be women’s aphrodisiac more than a thin stubble or a freshly-shaved look. Even a full grown beard failed to hit the bull’s eye.

3. Scars

It is pretty well-known that women love scars in a man. It makes them slightly dangerous and a whole lot mysterious. A man with scars tells a story of fights and respect. A woman believes that a man who can live with scars must be hard enough to take on the world alone, something the scientists were quick to show to every woman out there.

4. A Smile

Perhaps the most winning feature of any man is a well-formed smile, something that captivates women all over the world. It is marked better if the guy in question has a smile that is coy, flirtatious, and somewhat bashful. Most of us think this to be the reason why women like bad guys.

5. Age

Women are known to have been fascinated with men who are older than them, for they believe an older man would be more experienced and wiser. Also, a man slightly older would radiate confidence and a composed demeanor. This is called the George Clooney effect.

6. Doesn’t Spend Much

Women might like someone else who is spending millions on useless trinkets, but they would never appreciate their own man to be splurging on nonsense. Women love a man who is somewhat miserly, for they signify immense self-control.

7. Animal Friends

A puppy is a chick magnet, no matter what. Therefore, a man with a puppy, or a kitten, or any animal for the fact would be heavily liked by women. The reasoning goes that, if a man is kind to animals, it is pretty certain they would be kind to humans too. Scientists believe it to be so.

8. Red

A red shirt or tee shirt attracts women, according to proven reports. Something about that color appeals to both men and women. Therefore, men should try wearing red more often.

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9. Musical Instrument

A man with music in his fingers would be appealing to all and sundry. Women absolutely love a man with a guitar more than a duffle bag. They would rather be serenaded by a man near a quiet river, than being surrounded by wealth all around. Music touches the chords of one’s heart, something that money doesn’t. Nice experiment, isn’t it?

10. Garlic Odor

This is really weird, but a true fact. Women love a man with body odor after eating garlic. It produces a musky, natural smell that is appealing to women. Might seem a little bit freaky, but this odor is said to be better than Davidoff Coolwater, it seems.

11. Humor

Finally, we come to the most important of all – Humor. If a man manages to make a girl laugh, he is assured of her presence for a whole life. Someone who has a sense of humor takes life and takes every day as it comes, without being overly serious about it. And that is what attracts a woman the most. All in all, it is important to make them laugh.

Intrigued? We bet.

Image source: Poynterhole/Wikipedia

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