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Research Reveals: Couples That Do These Things Last Forever


Research Reveals: Couples That Do These Things Last Forever

Now, we all know that love is a truly beautiful thing and falling in love is one of the most fulfilling experiences of anyone’s life. Relationships are honestly one of the leading sources of happiness in people’s lives.

The greatest thing though is the familiarity that comes after a while of being with someone. You start celebrating just being together and doing nothing because you are that comfortable with your partner. It is just great to know that you will be going back to them after a long and hard day of work.

Having said all of that, one must also remember that while relationships are beautiful, they also require some amount of work from both parties involved in the relationship to make sure that it keeps going on. This is not a cake walk but it is not impossible either.

Relationship experts have presented three things that every couple should do, to make sure that their relationship lasts forever.

1. Communication

Communication is extremely underrated! Just think about how many crises could be solved if two people just sat and talked things out. Communication here does not refer to asking your partner how their day went or you telling them what you had for lunch; it is about telling your partner about what you need.

Let us consider an example, say you and your partner have something planned but as the date approaches, they seem to have forgotten about it. If you immediately conclude that they have forgotten because they do not care about you, this issue will never be solved because, unless you bring it up with them, they will not be able to offer an explanation that is probably completely legitimate and would diffuse the situation.

There is always a necessity to communicate your needs and grievances to and from your partner to make sure there is prolonged smooth sailing.

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2. Forget the unspoken rules

When dating someone, it is not possible to know right from the beginning what they want and what they expect from you. It goes for both you and your partner, and you can’t expect each other to read each others minds.

Again, let us consider an example, say you find that you disagree on something that is important to both of you, and you expect them to act in a certain way about it, but they unfortunately do not. This is an unspoken rule that you have that you expect your partner to know, but that is not possible because they cannot peek into your brain to see what you think. So, take a deep breath, get two cups of coffee, sit with your loved one and discuss these unspoken rules that you both might have.

You are likely to find that they are superfluous but talk nonetheless. You will see their point of view and they will see yours, with both of you getting closer to each other and getting to know more about the person that you are with, something that will help you for years to come.

3. Do not assume the worst

We, humans, are pessimistic by nature. It is in our general disposition to automatically jump to the worst possible outcome or meaning in a situation.

If your partner does something or says something that does not sit particularly well with you, do not jump to the worst possible meaning. Remember that you love your partner and they love you and love means to expect the best. Once you start doing this, your relationship or marriage will have a positive spin to it and you will see that things are working out easily and conflicts are easily resolvable because of just how much you trust them to do things in the best possible way.

The opposite behavior makes big issues out of the smallest of things and causes suffering for both parties involved in the relationship. Basically, know that they love you and know that they would not do something to deliberately hurt you.

In conclusion, love is still the most beautiful thing ever, and once you have it, it is your duty to do everything you can possibly do, to keep it going on forever.

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