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Reggae Busker Performing “No Woman, No Cry” By Bob Marley Will Give You The Chills

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Reggae Busker Performing “No Woman, No Cry” By Bob Marley Will Give You The Chills

Bob Marley is one name which every music enthusiast know. It is highly unlikely that such people wouldn’t have a Bob Marley song in their playlist. Even those who aren’t really big on music, must have come across his legendary quotes once in their life at least. He was truly a force to reckon with. His sense of music was very unconventional but very native to his homeland, Jamaica. They were few of the glory days of music lovers when Bob Marley lived!

Today, Reggae Busker at the Grand Place, Brussels enable people to enjoy Bob Marley’s music. You can witness one of his performance in this video which was shot by a tourist visiting the place. Reggae Busker is a pretty famous street performer in Belgium and as you can take it from the crowd, he is dope! He has tried to take every inch of inspiration from the legendary icon and succeeded. The voice is pretty nice and so is the fact he plays guitar while singing, just like the legend himself!

You wouldn’t want any spoilers, right? So, let’s not dig deep into the contents of the video – you can enjoy this cover of Bob Marley’s no woman, no cry all by yourself! The crowd present there also took delight in his performance, singing along and dancing! The clip is of one mere song and from one day only – if he is a regular, imagine the extent of people who would have gotten to enjoy the live show. It is quite amazing, to be honest.

Bob Marley fans will surely be loving this video and relishing each moment just like the spectators. He is really doing a fantastic job – keeping Marley alive and entertaining people with his passion. Next time you visit Brussels, you know which spot not to miss!

Thanks to 김재석 for filming and publishing this amazing video!

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