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Scuba Diver Sharing A Special Moment With A Seal Will Warm Your Heart

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Scuba Diver Sharing A Special Moment With A Seal Will Warm Your Heart

It isn’t a secret that life underwater is just as unique as it is on the land. The underwater world has a distinctively thrilling experience to offer. Coral reefs teem with colours and life.

There are species of fish down there and then there are seals – who are the centre of attention for this video.

Sure, certain se creatures are universally deemed as capable of showing love – dolphins on top of the list! Though, we shouldn’t forget the emotional capacity of other beings and this video will convince us why.

So, there are numerous water sports that allow interaction with the life under it.

There is scuba diving, snorkelling, cave diving, deep diving and freediving.

As it is quite visible from the cover of the video, all these people went under the water with specialized gear and got a chance to meet these adorable seals.

Have you ever seen something like this before? Probably not!

Maybe some of you would get scared if a seal appeared out of nowhere. But if you would have seen this video, you would know it means no harm to you – it just wants to befriend you! And their dog-like appearance should probably help you bond with them easier. You know, how we have dogs for pet.

You can’t really have a pet-seal but there is no harm in interacting with one every now and then!

The seals seem to really enjoy the company. A couple of them are trying to embrace the human and kiss them. How loveable is it? Doesn’t it melt your heart?

It is possibly one of the cutest videos you will see today! And you might even decide to go underwater just to meet these adorable sea creatures! It is hard not to fall in love with them.

Thanks to Ben Burville for making these incredible videos! Make sure to follow him on YouTube and Twitter!

Also, big thanks to EXTREME for making this lovely compilation!
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