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The “Meow” Opera Performance Is The Funniest Thing You Will See Today

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The “Meow” Opera Performance Is The Funniest Thing You Will See Today

It is an opera performance you would not have expected – the Cat Duet at your service!

Singing in choir has been a thing for a very long time – for more than centuries now. Usually, choir singers are found in schools and churches. Maybe, you would have been the part of school choir yourself. It does take great practice to get the performance from all the singers in perfect sync and it is what enables the choir to make the desired impact.

Now, from the setting of the choir in the video, it seems like any other ensemble but only different. You will probably expect the usual singing with a perfectly synced piano performance. Just wait till the boy opens his mouth – your eyebrows will fold right where your nose starts, trying to wonder what is going on! Is it an opera with boys making cat sounds? You will think to yourself: are they cats trapped inside of humans? Rest assured, they are complete humans!

It is a performance by the Cat Duet. This act of opera was inspired by Rossini’s opera Otello and written in 1825. Since the opera’s sole purpose is entertainment, this piece is nothing but pure entertainment – a jolly good entertainment for that matter! You will laugh hard just like the audience in the video.

Sure, everyone loves a good cat performance. But how to react when a cat performance comes from two young boys? Oh, maybe you laugh awkwardly, haha! Irrespective of the reaction, it will come with sheer theatre! Just listen to these boys meow-away while the piano is playing. Everything simply add to the theatrics, making the opera much more hilarious.

You wouldn’t have ever seen something of the sort. It is not your average opera performance – it is the Cat Duet!

Thanks to Institute of Mums for shedding a light on this hilarious video! Make sure to follow them on Facebook for more!

🎶 🐱 Who doesn’t love a cat video?!! 🐱 🎶 What better way to introduce a child to opera than to show them a video of two boys singing like cats?Called the Cat Duet (“Duetto buffo di due gatti”), this hilarious piece was written c. 1825 and is based on Rossini’s opera Otello.

Posted by Institute of Mums on Saturday, April 14, 2018

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