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Il Divo Stuns The Entire Audience With Their Soul-Shaking Performance

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Il Divo Stuns The Entire Audience With Their Soul-Shaking Performance

Who doesn’t love good music? The kind of music which touches your soul. The type which speaks to you on another level. The music which transcends you to another dimension and defies categories. Indeed, it is hard to find compositions like this. However, it is not impossible! There are musicians like IL Divo out there – whose love for music is imminently visible in their distinctive songs.

In this video, you will witness IL Divo perform the legendary Christian Hymn Amazing Grace, written in 1779 by John Newton. Ever since, many singers have taken their take on the hymn and added their charm to it. The hymn carries great historical and religious value. The British melody still touches numerous souls. And when an iconic band like IL Divo take an opportunity to perform the hymn, you shouldn’t expect anything but a heart-touching performance.

Many of you might not be familiar with the band, given their genre of interest – crossover music, operatic pop, adult contemporary music, folk music, religious music, Bolero, Mambo, and Tango Music.

Well, if you did not know them earlier, this video will surely make you a fan of IL Divo! They are truly amazing and their shared love for music has gotten them recognition we can only imagine.

The hymn is simply beautiful and when sung in voices as melodious as the IL Divo’s, the impact just multiplies. You can judge by the silence of the audience in the video that they are engrossed in the performance. The applauses and hoots in the end indicate the loveliness – spot on!

IL Divo have pulled it off brilliantly and you will surely listen to their original creations after this. The notes they reach and the perfect synchronization of all four of them is commendable. It is a performance you would want to witness live!

Thanks to Il Divo TV for publishing this amazing video!

Watch the video below:

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