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The Nerve-Racking Moment When You Order An Ice-Cream In Turkey

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The Nerve-Racking Moment When You Order An Ice-Cream In Turkey

Legend has it, Turkish ice cream is as fun as it gets. But of course, if you haven’t had a chance to eat one, who come you would know it for yourself, right? What about the circulating videos about Turkish ice cream then? Don’t they seem fun? Or just plain annoying by the looks of it? Well…. It is maybe a mixture of both: a bit of fun, a bit of desperation – all coming together to provide an amazing experience with the ice-cream!

Ice-creams in general are a treat and when you have a chance to taste traditional flavours of a country you are visiting, it just gets more exciting. To make your experience more memorable, Turks came up with their twist on the ice cream. It is hard to explain what it is exactly but then, this video is self-explanatory.

You might have already seen other variations, implying other videos in which ice-cream was being served like this. Questions arises: how exactly do they pull it off? How that is the ice cream sticks to the stick or the cone doesn’t fall off? That’s the trick now, isn’t it? It’s pretty spectacular! They really put on a show before they allow you to devour their delectable ice-creams!

Well, they can get a bit on your nerves. You really want an ice-cream and they are playing with you, why! Haha… Well that’s just how they have their fun. Admit it, even if it was you there and you were craving an ice-cream really badly, their tricks would have cracked you up! They are just tricks to keep the customers entertained and it’s a good entertainment to be honest.

If you are visiting Turkey next time and planning to try this ice-cream, be sure to load up on patience!

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Turkish Icecream

This is not the icecream you want…it's the icecream you deserve!#TurkishIceCream #GulfFoodShow

Posted by India Food Network on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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