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Recipe For Garlic-Honey ‘Magical’ Drink For Cold And Flu Season

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Recipe For Garlic-Honey ‘Magical’ Drink For Cold And Flu Season

My buddy Garry was the first person that told me about garlic honey.

He is one of those “natural remedy” geeks, and his story of how he used garlic honey to strengthen the immune system and combat colds and the flu during the winter season fascinated me; as I said, he is a herbal medicine ‘freak’.

After using it regularly first thing in the morning for about a year, I can say with certainty that it has significantly improved my condition.

Continue reading for the recipe for garlic honey!

Whether you’re curious about the recipe for garlic-honey or have any questions regarding the safety of using raw honey and garlic, you’ll find all the answers here.

Under no circumstances can a child younger than one eat raw honey.

Recipe For Garlic-Honey 'Magical' Drink For Cold And Flu Season

The idea is that the garlic is made milder and some of its antibacterial qualities extracted by a chemical reaction between the garlic and honey.

The combination of honey’s antibacterial properties with its other benefits is formidable.

Use raw, local honey at all times. Raw because the antimicrobial properties are lost after pasteurization.

Getting tiny amounts of local pollen can help alleviate allergies, therefore it’s best to stick to local sources.

Apt for those following low-sodium, vegan, or gluten-free regimens

Avoid on low-sugar or migraine-prone diets.

Our goal in writing today’s piece is to assist you in reestablishing your health through dietary and behavioral changes.

Make this delicious garlic-honey toddy with or without the added echinacea tea to protect yourself from cold and flu season.

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Course: American Breakfast Cuisine
1 portion


  • 1 tsp honey infused with garlic (instructions below)
  • 1 lemons 1 wedge
  • 1 tsp coconut oil organic, extra virgin, or ghee
  • 1 tsp ginger (fresh) grated
  • 1 echinacea tea bag optional
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper optional


Add the items to a mug of filtered water and stir until the water is almost boiling. Wait at least five minutes after before drinking.

To make garlic honey

  • After removing the papery skins, finely slice one head of organic garlic.
  • Combine in a glass jar and drizzle with raw honey.
  • Stir occasionally (once twice a day) while it sits for a few days. When it changes color and becomes amber and runny, you’ll know it’s done.
  • Lasts eternally.

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