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Man Furious After Finding That Wife Is Pregnant with Girl Triplets

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Man Furious After Finding That Wife Is Pregnant with Girl Triplets

A mother-to-be turned to Reddit for support as she prepares to welcome triplet girls into her family. Her husband is VERY upset at the news.

In the years following the stillbirth of their first son, the soon-to-be father had hoped that the confetti cannon would spew blue confetti. However, when “all three shot out pink,” he went completely bonkers and opened fire on his wife, accusing her of having “killed his first” son.

An admission of disinterest in daughters and a refusal to develop a “close relationship” with any of them follow the man’s spitting on his pregnant wife for having an entire litter of girls.

The wife is now contemplating a divorce…

A woman, 27, who had been married for five years to a man, 29, revealed an astonishing incident involving her husband, 29, on Reddit approximately one month ago.

The original poster (OP) gushes over her three-year marriage, calling it “perfect” and “so happy.” “It felt like our entire life was perfect. Church on Sunday, loving husband, beautiful home, all of it,” she writes.

They were overjoyed to begin a family together when the woman found out she was pregnant shortly after they tied the knot.

“My husband was especially happy after finding out our baby was a boy as he’d always told me he wanted at least one son.” The little boy’s parents were grieved by his loss because he was stillborn.

“It broke me. I fell into a depression and even at one point considered taking my life, but my husband was there for me during all of it and we got through the grief. Our marriage felt stronger than ever, and life started slowly feeling beautiful again, even if it no longer felt perfect.”

The couple continued forward, supported by one another, and in mid-2023 the OP announced she was expecting triplets—ideal news for the couple who had hoped to have two or three children.

“My husband and I were over the moon, and he was the most doting and loving husband,” she said, adding with three on the way, they would not need to “try for any more children after this.”

The happy couple’s loved ones celebrated their impending arrival with a hybrid baby shower/gender reveal celebration in the autumn.

“It was like a dream come true and I was so excited for the gender reveal. I don’t care what gender [our babies are, I just wanted] healthy little babies, but my husband was clearly excited for potentially three sons.”

The mother, her brother, and her husband were about to discharge three cannons laden with pink or blue confetti to reveal the gender of the triplets, and they were all gushing with joy.

“All three shot out pink confetti. I was so excited and so was my brother, but my husband screamed at the top of his lungs and hit the table in front of us, hitting it so hard that it actually broke.”

Broken hearts

Regrettably, her spouse did worse things than shattering the table.

“He screamed at me that I was supposed to give him at least one son because I killed his first one,” the author writes, further explaining that her husband faulting her for their son’s death was heartbreaking. “That’s when I burst into tears. I had been so broken up about our son’s stillbirth and a part of me had felt it was my fault.”

Her brother intervened, but her husband turned his attention to him and violently threw him aside.

“So my brother instead pulled me inside where I cried in the living room while my husband’s mother tried to calm him down. I could hear him screaming outside about how three daughters is too many, how he doesn’t want four kids but he also wants a son.”

Spitting hatred

A woman’s relationship with her husband has reportedly not improved since the gender reveal. They have taken to sleeping in different bedrooms and resorting to “he’s clearly upset and mad and tries to argue with me” whenever they do interact.

She shares, “I tried to talk to him about it and asked about how he’ll be with our three daughters, but he spat at me and told me he will provide them shelter and food, but he isn’t interested in daughters and doesn’t plan to have a close relationship with them. That sealed the deal that I want to divorce him, and I cried myself to sleep last night.”

The soon-to-be mother claims she has no idea how she will become a single parent, what with not working and having to rely on her husband for financial support.

“I don’t want my daughters to grow up in an unloving household where their parents constantly argue and their father doesn’t love them,” She adds.

She polls Redditors for their thoughts on the matter, writing, “I’m torn on what to do because I worry divorce will be too brash of a decision…What should I do?”

A lot of people have warned her that she will be his next vengeance target.

According to one Reddit user, “it’s been studied that hitting things around a person is a way of saying this could be you. And with time… it will be.”

Many online users begged the original poster (OP) to step down after he shockingly blamed the wife for their son’s death.

“He blamed you for a stillborn baby and has spat on you!! You can’t stay with this guy!” the comment continues, “He meant everything he said because he still isn’t talking to you. Think about it. He spat on you like you are a piece of trash over something you have no control of…You cannot stay with him. You have to know that.”

“I’m so sorry about your son – please know it wasn’t your fault. A third user offers some condolences in an attempt to help. Your husband it’s truly vile to say what he did and that alone is grounds to end your marriage.”

A fourth shares, “It’s not as simple as him wanting a son, it’s him blaming you for the stillborn child and outright telling you he doesn’t want to be a good father to those kids.”

The OP is reminded by other cybernauts that sperm is responsible for determining the gender of a baby.

“It’s the sperm that passes the chromosome to establish sex, so he is the reason they are girls,” writes one. “…completely his fault. The sex is determined the father’s sperm.”

Despite concerns about providing for her three children, the mother is adamant about protecting her daughters from a violent home: “The moment my husband said I killed our son I felt as though I lost all love I had for him in an instant, and I don’t want my daughters to be in that kind of household.”

It is quite concerning that the husband displayed aggressive behavior and unfairly placed blame on the mother for their stillborn son.

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