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Reality TV Couple Shares Surprising Warning Sign of Daughter’s Illness After Daughter Passes Away

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Reality TV Couple Shares Surprising Warning Sign of Daughter’s Illness After Daughter Passes Away

The daughter of Australian reality TV stars had a chronic bruise that was an early symptom of a rare malignancy.

Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton shot to fame after appearing on the Australian reality cooking competition My Kitchen Rules.

Their Instagram account chronicling their eight-year battle with in vitro fertilization made them internet celebrities in Australia.

The couple welcomed their baby, Poppy Grace, on June 2, 2021.

The Mayo Clinic describes infantile acute lymphoblastic leukemia as “cancer of the blood and bone marrow — the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made.” However, Poppy was diagnosed with this disease shortly after her birth.

Poppy, who was only two years old and had fought hard for her life, lost her fight in February.

The couple is now discussing the earliest signs of this rare disease openly.

“We observed that her belly was beginning to grow. Consequently, it had some distention. And she would have very massive vomit when she was eating,” Middleton told the Australian news outlet 7news.

However, the pair claims that Poppy’s persistent thigh bruise was the real red signal.

According to Saunders, “With leukemia, if they’re pale, if they have bruises, or if they’re bleeding excessively, those are usually signs that the disease is affecting their marrow and consequently their blood.”

Poppy’s bruise stayed put for five whole weeks

Saunders stated, “Looking back, we wonder how we missed noticing she was so pale, but we had no idea because it happened so gradually.”

Poppy’s leukemia was found when she was only 11 weeks old. She was our little miracle, Saunders said to 7news. “We’d been trying to have a baby since 2012.” “That night, we believed we might lose her. Each day was a struggle.”

“We didn’t initially believe it because getting Poppy had involved such a long journey,” she continued.

Poppy had a bone marrow transplant before her first birthday because of her illness.

But two days later, doctors had to break the news to Poppy’s parents that her condition had worsened.

Middleton remembered, “Doctors suggested to spend as much time with her as you can.”

To quote Middleton: “Poppy came into her own during that time, like we saw her personality, we got to see just what a little shining star she was.”

This extension of time was made possible by pharmaceutical trials that bought them eight more months.

On February 16, however, Poppy died from an unreported “traumatic” health event.

Because of what her parents said, “it’s astounding how much blood cancer patients in general and children with cancer need. Right now, there is a severe scarcity of blood.”

According to Middleton and Saunders, donations given in Poppy’s name have saved the lives of four thousand people.

All of Poppy’s little friends still need blood, so we know how important it was for them.

The duo is continuing its campaign to raise awareness about the symptoms of childhood leukemia and encourage blood donations in Poppy’s name.

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They warned other parents to look out for symptoms like Poppy’s fever, swollen lymph nodes, and aches and pains in the joints on social media.

Their description of Poppy’s symptoms reads as follows: “it was pale skin due to her low [hemoglobin] (red blood cells), large vomits (due to her enlarged spleen), and a persistent bruise that stayed on her leg for weeks (due to low platelets).”

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