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Psychologist Explains Why Being Single Makes You More Confident, Mentally Stable, And Happy


Psychologist Explains Why Being Single Makes You More Confident, Mentally Stable, And Happy

It almost appears that everybody is looking for a special someone to spend their lives with. The increasing number of online dating sites and hook-ups apps give it away. But what if you’re not that person? What if you are not looking for someone to spend your entire life with? You love being by yourself, you love your pet, you love the house you live in and you are not ready to let any of it go for someone.

A social scientist spent two decades researching to prove that you can actually be single and happy and there is no reason to worry about it. Bella DePaulo, a Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of California and a well-known researcher has been studying how living single can actually benefit individuals, communities and societies. She is of the belief that single life can be more enriching and exciting than a couple’s.


The model of nuclear families that has been prevalent in American homes has affected community life negatively as people are less likely to be friends with their neighbors. They aren’t easily sociable with people around them and this make lives alienating. Certain studies reveal that single people are overturning these trends. Single people are more likely to reach out to their neighbors, make friends, be part of social events and be more involved in community activities. They volunteer more for social service organizations whereas couples tend to become insular, only focusing on each other after a while. Single individuals are more prone to volunteer at educational groups, hospitals, arts facilities than people who are married. Single people are the life of the city and go to any lengths to reach out to others.

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Even today, being single is stigmatized beyond imagination and it is usually believed that single people die unhappy and all alone in a decrepit state. But what if we told you that’s not how things are? Single people are not less secure or self-centered as they are stereotyped to be. They are rather more approachable and willing to socialize than married couples. Reports state that single people die sooner or marriage is the perfect way to transform miserable individuals to happier ethereal beings; have no foundation in rational thinking. Single people undergo more personal growth and pursue more meaningful lives than married couples. They are always open to take up new experiences and learn more. They never shy away from the challenges life throws at them.Whereas couples can fall prey to poorer mental health and end up being discontent with their lives for expecting too much from one individual who means the world to them, single people embrace life as it comes. They are the ones who live without any inhibitions.


Couples tend to make each other the center of their universe. They focus on each other the most and while doing so, they let the world around them pass by. They deprive themselves of new experiences, adventures and people that might have transformed their life for the better. Single people are more inclusive in nature. They have time for their old friends and they never stop making new friends. They don’t want to deprive themselves of any opportunity that might lead to a healthier and a happier life. They don’t focus on one person and are actually working towards expanding conventional boundaries of family life. While single people prize their time alone and might move into an apartment by themselves, they are more likely to choose a community or a neighborhood that has their friends and family around so they can also socialize whenever they wish.

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