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Parrot Is Asked How He Views Himself. I Fell Out Off My Chair At His Answer

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Parrot Is Asked How He Views Himself. I Fell Out Off My Chair At His Answer

Most people think parrots are very good imitators of humans. Certain ones do, in essence, look like feathered tape recorders. Some species of parrots, however, are quite bright.

They’re doing a lot more than just repeating what they hear to their parents. Take a look at the bird in the video!

Einstein, an African Gray parrot, put on a show at the Knoxville Zoo. His requests have included impersonating cars and singing “Happy Birthday.”

It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Everyone’s attention was riveted on his every remark. It was well worth the price of admission to see him perform.

Einstein’s brilliance just floored me. There must be some significance to the name EINSTEIN.

His vocabulary is impressive, and so are his impressions. In a wide variety of fields, he shines.

African gray parrots, on the other hand, are highly intelligent. It would be interesting to watch him speak live on camera.

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His personality is equally impressive. His reactions to expressions of happiness and boredom alike were superb.

The fact that he is participating in the Knoxville Zoo’s community engagement program is awesome.

Is he really that insightful? She’s even given a TED talk! Yes, you heard that right!

How did she strike you? Did you find it to be an intriguing view?

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