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Two Puppies Fall Into Pit With A Cobra – Days Later Animal Heroes Are Shocked

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Two Puppies Fall Into Pit With A Cobra – Days Later Animal Heroes Are Shocked

There are a lot of stray dogs in India, and they may be a major nuisance.

Take the sad tale of two cute puppies who got lost from their mother and ended up in a pit.


A chasm from which even their mother could not pull them back up.

Yet that wasn’t the worst of it; the pit they were in wasn’t empty.

A big and potentially lethal king-cobra was also there with them.

Things happen that you’d only ever seen in the movies.

I believe such was the case for these Indian rescue workers on that specific day.

The king cobra’s venom is so potent that it can kill an elephant in only one bite, which is exactly what would have happened to these puppies.


There was a continual danger that these unfortunate puppies would become stranded in the muddy pit they had fallen into.

Despite the fact that cobras don’t typically eat puppies, people nevertheless feared about their safety.

The snake, however, showed no signs of wanting to harm the puppies.

The cobra was keeping a close eye on them to make sure the puppies didn’t venture to the other, more perilous side of the well.

The puppies and the snake remained in the same area of the well for an entire day.

That turned out to be much simpler than everyone had anticipated when the authorities arrived to save the puppies.

The cobra moved out of the way so that the rescuers could pick up the puppies without incident.

Animals, regardless of species or size, sometimes have a unique ability to aid and protect one another, a trait we could learn from.


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