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Animal Hero Rescues Chained Horse, Receives Thank You Of A Lifetime

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Animal Hero Rescues Chained Horse, Receives Thank You Of A Lifetime

It’s no joy to be confined. It’s possible this is especially true for animals, whose natural inclination is to roam freely.

Unfortunately, due to a widespread practice in the country, many horses in Romania cannot say the same.

Chains are sometimes placed around the front or back legs of horses to keep them from bolting.

When veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu found one, he knew what had to be done.

YouTube/FOUR PAWS International

Ovidiu’s heart sank when he saw the wild horse locked up on the Danube delta. Chains so thick that they sliced through the horse’s flesh kept him from moving freely.

The horse barely budged no matter what he did.

Ovidiu was well-aware that what a horse really wants is the freedom to move and wander. So he started doing something right away.

A Hero Comes to the Rescue

YouTube/FOUR PAWS International

As soon as Ovidiu gathered his supplies, he began to work. He coaxes the animal forward till it lies down on the ground.

He then takes out a pair of pliers and carefully begins to work.

Ovidiu finally succeeds in freeing the frightened horse after much time, affection, patience, and effort on his part.

The horse needs some time to process what has just happened. After being crippled for so long, he looks perplexed by his sudden ability to walk again.

YouTube/FOUR PAWS International

When he finally comes to terms with the fact that he is free, he is overcome with joy.

The horse’s reaction to his hero, though, is the most astounding of all. He leans in softly and looks Ovidiu straight in the eye as if to express his gratitude.

See the horse’s extraordinary reaction to its miraculous rescue in the video below.

Whatever the case may be, chaining a horse is never acceptable.

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