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Manipulative People Target These Predominant Methods In Order To Hurt You


Manipulative People Target These Predominant Methods In Order To Hurt You

Feelings are what makes us human. It’s our raw reaction towards life and surroundings and says a lot about your personality. There are many who feel varied emotions much more strongly than others and they are mostly called emotional. Expression of these emotions frames our lives. Often, if you are not emotionally and mentally strong, it’s easy for people to manipulate your emotions. Their actions and words might affect you greatly.

The best way to tackle this issue is to try and gain something valuable from the experience. It’s not right to completely start blocking people out from your life but learn to make yourself better.

Here we have listed the predominant methods that manipulators use in order to hurt you and how to prevent them.

1. Guilt-tripping

It’s normal for a person to feel bad if they have made a mistake. To err is human and so feeling guilty is also natural. There’s no point lamenting over it for days without doing anything about it. Try to rectify it and take it as a learning experience. Manipulative people blow up the mistake incredibly, making you feel horrible about yourself. Don’t pay attention to them and just try to grow.

2. Afraid of Tarnished Image

All of us have the innate desire to be the best. This wish is something easily manipulated and may push one to do scary things just to be superior to others. If you see yourself to be easily manipulated, it means that you are not emotionally strong and are unaware of yourself. Therefore, be sure and confident in yourself so that they can’t cause any harm to you.

3. Responsibility

Often people will force you to do things for them which might be quite difficult and risky. No matter who they are, don’t let them take advantage of you like that and don’t entertain their demands. However, if you fail to help them out, they label you as lazy and inconsiderate. They’ll badmouth you anyway so don’t let them control your life. Don’t go out of your way to get someone else’s work done.

4. Afraid of loss

Mainly happens in relationships when the partner keeps demanding more and more of everything from you and gets very angry when you don’t comply. Don’t let them demean you and submit to their wishes. Learn to love yourself and not be used. They should reciprocate your efforts.

5. Obligation to return a favor

It happens quite a lot that your friends demand you to do them a favor in return for some favor they did for you a long time back. They don’t care if you’re busy. What you should be doing is prioritizing yourself before others and returning the favor when it’s possible for you to do so. There’s no need for you to push away your life just for their sake.

6. Sympathy

Many manipulative people are experts at gaining pity from others. They’ll carefully frame sympathy-inducing stories about being sick or unfortunate or misunderstood and slyly force you to do their work for them. Don’t let them manipulate you into doings things for them. Avoid them and tell them they are far more capable than you are.

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7. Loneliness

Human beings prefer not to be alone. So acute is the fear that they are compelled to live with someone just so that they don’t have to be lonely. It’s extremely important to love and cherish yourself. Don’t put yourself down and let others walk all over you just for the sake of not being lonely. Be with someone who genuinely loves and respects you for who you are. You deserve that.

8. Being ashamed

Feeling shameful is a horrible thing to go through that strips you of determination, self-respect and makes you hate yourself. Never let an incident overpower you so much that you lose sense of reality. Try to understand where you have gone wrong and correct yourself. It’s important to be self-aware and be open for growth. There’s no reason for you to satisfy others’ expectation of you. Work on your development.

9. Being hopeful

People are often very lethargic and unmotivated and keep playing games or watching TV all day. Tell them to change and keep them motivated by setting targets for them.

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