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7 Personality Traits Others Find Hard to Handle Because You’re Too Deep


7 Personality Traits Others Find Hard to Handle Because You’re Too Deep

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking of the world and your own self differently? Like gaining a distinctive perspective that is not the general belief of the population around you?

Do you sometimes feel like you do not fit in with everyone because of how differently you think? Don’t worry, that does not mean that you are weird and that there is something wrong with you.

You just happen to be a deep person and that is anything but a bad thing to be. It might get a little difficult to gain your steady place in the world but do not be scared. There is more to the world than spending your time figuring out how to fit in. You are perfect the way you are!

1. You say what is on your mind

You never shy away from making your opinions vocal and do not spend time hesitating because you are scared of being judged. You make your mind be known to everyone without second guessing yourself. You do not believe in making small talk and the conversation that you do have with others are significant and never frivolous. For you, the purpose of conversation is not about filling silences but bonding and making meaningful relationships.

2. Self Contentment

Whatever your personal, emotional or professional status might be, you are always content with it. You don’t need external validation because you are completely okay with who you are and what you are doing. When you are content with what you have, you will live a very happy life!

3. Superficial conversation

Aimless and purposeless talking really bothers you. You do not believe in engaging in any conversation unless it is meaningful and actually leads to an enriching exchange or the formation of a deeper and meaningful relationship. You want to have deep conversations with people and sometimes you might judge others but what they choose to converse about.

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4. You believe in action

You don’t buy into smooth talkers and people that say a lot but don’t do much. You do not believe in any tall promises made to you until there is deliverance of the same. You have an automatic bullshit radar and can tell when someone is throwing around their weight just for the heck of it but would not actually be acting the way they talk. Since words are cheap, you believe that people’s actions show their real attitudes and who they are, which is a great thing to go by since it is very true!

5. You are a good listener

You do not participate in conversations just to talk, or just listen superficially because you are merely waiting for your turn to talk. You listen to what one might have to say and you take everything in. You listen without judgement and look forward to enriching your mind from whatever you can gather from the conversation. You look forward to forming bonds with other people through real conversation that serves a purpose.

6. You don’t like everyone

You do not like people who are insensitive, judgmental, pretentious or fake, at all! It is your biggest pet peeve. You don’t like people who make unnecessary judgement and feel the need to give their opinions that they were not asked for. It really bothers you when people make comments without hearing everything out or actually making an effort to understand things the way they are. You also dislike ignorance immensely. You hate it when people are just unaware and do not even try to know or understand what is happening around them.

7. You don’t crave attention

As mentioned earlier, you do not really need validation all the time, which also translates to you not needing attention to thrive. You believe that good things take time so you do not expect things instantly and you stay patient. You don’t require attention for something as frivolous as your outward appearance and other similar traits; you would rather be appreciated for who you are as a person and not what you look like or what your social or economic standing is or might be in the near future.

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