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Little Girl Finds A Secret Room In Her House That Leads Into An Even Wilder Surprise

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Little Girl Finds A Secret Room In Her House That Leads Into An Even Wilder Surprise

Children’s imagination is wild! Between the ages of 0 – 7 we are being programmed. During these years, our children will spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles, which is the same state that a person is in, when they are in hypnosis or meditation. That’s why they can imagine a tea party with small cups, or fly around the house on a broom, thinking they fly.

Parents play crucial role in these years of child development. Knowing about the Theta state or not, these parents prepared a magical adventure for their daughter that she will never forget.

The father in the video below came up with a brilliant idea once he knew he was going to have a child. He decided to build a treasure room and sealed it off for his unborn daughter. He put small treasures like small crates and gifts that she will find inside the room. The next step was his daughter to grow up until she was six.

His daughter was in need for extra cash, so he told her that she could earn extra cash by cleaning out a window box. Little did she know there was a treasure map underneath a pile of brass.

Her family along with her grandma gathered when she found the map. She is surprised to see that the map is of her own house and has an “X” marking a treasure in a secret room. Quickly, she takes off to find the hidden door concealed somewhere upstairs in her house.

While looking for the room, the daughter is helped by her father. Both spend time exploring the house when they finally locate the room. They started pounding on the walls to find a hollow part.

After a small talk of what the treasure might be, the only option was to cut the wall open with an electric saw. His daughter was spectating as her father was uncovering the secret room with her mother and grandma on a safe distance.

Finally, when he made the cut in the wall he allowed his daughter to get in the secret room. He was waiting for this moment for 6 years, and boy it is worth it.

When she finds the treasure, she hoped it would be money enough to go to Disney World, but instead she found necklaces, earrings and other treats that a pirate might hide. She is very excited with each and every reward and shows off the treats to her mom and granny.

This is a great example of a father figure. He set up a beautiful experience for the whole family to enjoy and something his daughter will never forget. She will only realize how wonderful this experience is when she grows up and hopefully do the same for her children too!

They used a camera to record the whole experience, and you can watch the fun adventure below:

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