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Waitress Serves Grumpy Old Man For 7 Years, Then Receives A Shocking Call After He Vanished

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Waitress Serves Grumpy Old Man For 7 Years, Then Receives A Shocking Call After He Vanished

Being a waitress is certainly a hard task. It takes a lot of patience and nerves to be kind to each and every person we encounter, even if it’s not our day.

A waitress named Melina Salazar worked at a restaurant called Luby’s and every day she was kind and patient with a man named “Buck” Swords, an 89-year-old WW2 veteran.

He was a well-known grandpa as being short-tempered and rude to the staff. However, Melina always kept a positive attitude, even when she had a bad day. People knew him as “the grumpy old man”, but one day everything changed.

What it means to be a great waitress

One day, Buck didn’t show up and the day after that, and the day after that… Melina was afraid that something might’ve happened to Buck, and something did. She read about Buck’s obituary in the paper. Then she found out the real reason he was gone…

Despite Buck being cranky and rude to the staff for so many years, Melina was sad about his passing. However, her life was about to change in the next couple of days…

At the turn of events, Buck really saw Melina’s kindness. He actually left her a will and lawyers reached out to Melina to let her know that Buck was giving her $50,000 and his car.

Melina was overwhelmed at the generous soul Buck had hidden all those years behind grumpiness and crankiness.

She was extremely happy for the gifts she received and knew her hard work finally paid off at the end.

What an incredibly true story. It shows that being kindhearted and good person always pays off. So many people lose the hope after a while, and do good things only to get some kind of reward, but the truth is being kindhearted and good person should be for us. Doing things for others always proves to be the wrong choice in life. Buck knew that, and he saw the goodness in her and choose to leave everything to the kindhearted Melina.

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