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Keep On Doing These 5 Things If You Want To Stay Single


Keep On Doing These 5 Things If You Want To Stay Single

If you’re lonely and can’t seem to understand why, we’re here to give you a new approach to dating!

Do you often look around and see how every Tom, Dick and Harry have someone but you don’t? Do you spend your time off watching rom-coms that leave you low-key angry because that stuff looks just impossible to you because people just cannot be this wonderful in real life?

Well hear us out, the problem might have something to do with you and not others.

Sometimes we do things that we think aren’t important or deal breakers, but they definitely are.

If you are sick of being alone and are almost convinced that you will never find the right one, read on to find out if you’re doing something wrong and, if yes, how you can help the situation. Everyone loves love!

1. You put too much pressure on people 

You don’t allow people to get comfortable and be their own self around you. You demand too much, and ask of people to be at their best and have everything together at every moment of the day. This exhausts people more than you can possibly imagine and let’s be honest, nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t give them the level of comfort that everyone needs or the acceptance that comes with it. You have to let people have the liberty to do what they want and be themselves at all times. It’s one of the absolute basic necessities in a relationship that has to last. Perfection isn’t real, we are all humans and you have to remember that. You would not like to put up appearances at all times either, so you must give your partner a breather too.

2. Your expectations are too high 

It is not wrong to have expectations in romantic relationships; to be honest, it is healthy and everyone has the right to have expectations from their loved ones. The problem only arises when you expect too much. If you expect your partner to be Christian Grey level rich and have the kind of free time that he did, you have to be in a movie. Real life is nothing like that. He needs his space and will always have a life beyond you. While we are talking about expectations from relationships, let us also talk about your expectations with regard to the speed at which your relationship would advance. Good things take time so do not expect him to want to marry you after two dates because honestly, things just do not work like that. Give them the same space that you need while you enjoy yours. There is always a line that you must maintain.

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3. You are not open to change 

Being confident with being yourself is the best thing ever, but if the person you’re with points something out and says that they would appreciate you making modifications and you are not even open to considering it, it is you at fault, not them. If you truly like someone and want your relationship to continue and develop, you have to make certain changes when your partner points them out. It is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. All it takes is some sensitivity.

4. Your preferences are just wrong

This is a common tendency among people who have grown up romanticizing abusive romances, like Beauty and the Beast, and other such Disney fantasies. In real life and the real version of the story, Cinderella’s step sisters cut parts of their feet off to make the glass sandal fit. Fairy tales exist to entertain at most, not to give life lessons to readers about their princes charming.

You must want to and wish to be happy and have a long and healthy romance. That is the first step towards actually reaching and getting one. You need to break the vicious cycle of choosing the same image of a man/woman over and over again. Choose someone who loves you, for what you are, in a positive, uplifting way.

5. You don’t notice the warning signs

Notice the signs of abuse or even just unhappiness. See if things mend with discussions and talks. If not, do not stick to the same bad thing just because it’s something you have been in for a long time, and it feels comfortable.

May the light of reason shine on you!

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