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6 Female Behaviors Men Can’t Resist


6 Female Behaviors Men Can’t Resist

There are little things that most women do that can be a huge turn-on for men. Most women do not even do this consciously and their absentmindedness only adds to the charm and is part of the reason why men like these little behaviors so much.

There are, of course, a ton of behaviors that women unconsciously do that are more annoying than endearing, but there are also quite a few such behaviors which men will never admit to liking but actually secretly adore nonetheless.

Six of these behaviors are listed below, read in to find out what they are!

1. Burying your head in their chest

Most women have a habit of burying their head in their partner’s chest. It makes them feel secure and loved and brings a deep sense of comfort. Thankfully, this is a habit that men adore as well. When women put their heads on men’s chests, it makes them feel more masculine. It makes them feel stronger and like a real protector, who is capable of keeping his lady safe from any kind of harm. Next time you are embracing your partner, put your head on his chest and feel the way he wraps his arms around you, protectively and with love.

2. Playing with his hair while driving

Who doesn’t like it when someone plays with their hair? It is a sweet reminder of the innocence of childhood and can be a very comforting gesture. Not only is it a show of affection, but it can be a moment when you genuinely connect with him. No wonder then that men love it when you play with their hair. They like it even more when you do it absentmindedly, like when he is driving and you are riding shotgun with him.

3. Praising him on the internet

Everyone likes to be praised and showered with compliments; even more so, if they are being praised in public. Men are, of course, no exception to this. Given how important a role social media plays in our lives now, being complimented on social platforms is now a big deal. When you compliment men on their Facebook and Instagram, and commend them for taking the right stand, it acts as a huge boost to their egos and is something that is sure to make men adore you.

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4. Paying attention to him

Men love it when women actually listen to what they have to say. It can be easy for men to feel misunderstood, because right now most women are wary of men. Even though this wariness has a legitimate reason, it can make men feel extremely attacked. So, when a woman takes the time out to actually listen to what he has to say instead of simply dismissing his point of view, it can help him feel understood, appreciated and loved. Besides, everyone likes to be heard and understood anyway, that goes without saying, and when their ladies take the time to give them the attention that they deserve, it naturally makes them adore you a lot more.

5. Keeping in touch with him

When you text someone to check up them, or even just to let them know your whereabouts when you are out with your friends, it shows that they are on your mind, and that you care about them. When you are having a girls’ night out with your best friends, but still remember to leave your man a text or call him up to check on him, it can make his whole day. Most caring women remember to check up on their partners once in a while and they do not do it because they are hoping to impress them, but because they genuinely care. This is something that men will never admit to liking, but it definitely scores major brownie points with them.

6. Showing affection

Men love it when their women show physical affection, especially in public. Even if it is something small and insignificant, like fixing his hair or adjusting his shirt, or even just holding his hand in public, men love being shown affection in public. It reassures them of your love and loyalty and can quell any insecurity that they may have.

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